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Total Submission To Allah


She Wasn’t the same Earlier. . . .

She wasn’t the same. She was different. Different from siblings, different from the rest of her age mates.

Her silence was meaningful, and so was her speech. She used to spend hours and hours alone , wandering in the distant skies.

After every obligatory prayer, a long pause used to be there, silently and lonely, whenever she used to raise her hands before ALLAH, she was never rejected.

There was a peace in her that people madly search for. She never planned bright futures, never thought of a beautiful hubby, or a huge banglow , or all that similar stuff teenagers used to dream of.

She was rather more interested in the Heavens above , more interested to know what ALLAH thinks of her, instead of thinking what people think of her.

And more over that. It wasn’t the only good thing about her , she wasn’t loyal only to the creator, but to the creation as well. All the relatives, all the friends, with everyone she was good.

But sometimes things change so suddenly, and so changed for her too.

Dunyah was brought infront of her, and she just fell down. The one who never thought of all kinda future plans started sewing dreamy sweaters. Her salah, no longer remained that profound. Her hours in solitude just finished, her good behavior dropped.

All because she started loving Dunyah, she indulged in Dunyah. Even having time , it was all given up thinking about how will she get a job, how will it change the life, how much to earn, and just money , money, money. Dunyah all around.

The love of dunyah when enters someone’s heart it leaves him a living dead. And so she was. A living being with dead soul.

ALLAH is so kind, He is so Merciful , The beginning of Love, the deep Love.

It was all His mercy, which turned her days once again. After failures and failures an failures, she understood, that ALLAH doesn’t like her this way, He wants her back.  And then an Ayaah let her understood what exactly the issue was.

She forgot her friendship with ALLAH in making herself so indulged in Dunyah. And so ALLAH made her forget her ownself.


The  reason behind all those restless nights, and fade days was that , she had lost herself.

When one finds his ownself, he surely finds ALLAH.

We are so busy in our lives, in  our colleges, universities , in planning bright futures, in working day and night just to earn,  and we just forget that nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens without the will of our Lord.

So if you want things to happen how you want them to happen, then just friendship with ALLAH first.

5 times salah, and prayers after that as a custom aren’t enough to build the relationship. Attention is required. Devotion is needed.

Go alone, sit alone, and talk to your best friend. ALLAH!!! The only loyal friend.

Please don’t let the business of this world make you lose your actual self. Please come out of this trap.

We only discuss that today we don’t give time to the relatives but to the technology only, but no one thinks that the greatest loss we have gone through is the clash between our relationship with ALLAH. We just say final salaam of salah, and run towards the iphone, to check if there are new emails, new twitter mentions, more like on facebook, more retweets. Just a hustle bustle.

No 5 minutes you sit alone with yourself that you hear a beep of your phone, and  . . . . .  time is over. You pick that up, and get busy with that.

Is this not the case with you too???

Do you not fall in this category? The lost people?? The forgotten “you” ?

Come back, please come back . . . .  before it gets too late.

This dunyah is a trap, the more you focus on it, the more you get confused. The more you miss yourself.

Extract out time from the “busy schedule, and give company to your ownself, in an environment where there is no social network , no phone in your hand, no media around. just you and you.

And see the difference yourself.

I hope we all may find our lost selves.


Sunnah : Fast for the day of ‘Arafa.

Tomorrow should be the blessed day of ‘Arafa according to most places. It is sunnah to fast for those not on Hajj, as we can see by the hadith above.

It is on this day that the people who are on Hajj go to the Mountain of ‘Arafa, which is the central point in the journey, as the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “Hajj is Arafa” (Ahmed, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi) In this place, Allah boasts to His Angels about the people of ‘Arafah, and He says, “Look at My slaves who have come unkempt and dusty.”

As most of us are not away on Hajj, we should take advantage of this blessed day by fasting, repenting to Allah and supplicating. The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) reminded us:

“The best dua is dua on the day of Arafa.” [Malik’s Muwatta]

Let us take advantage of this blessed, renew our intentions and return to Allah. Please remember us in your du’as.arafa

Sunnah : Exhort your dying men.

dying men

Sunnah : Fast for the first 9 days of Dhul-Hijjah.

Remember that Allah has said in a hadith qudsi, Allah has said: “All the deeds of the son of Adam are for him, except fasting, which is for Me and I shall reward for it.”

To earn the pleasure of Allah even more, we can encourage our friends and family to fast by arranging to break the fast together. That way we will have earned the reward for fasting ourselves, as well as the reward of all the other people who fasted because of us, and the reward for feeding a fasting person!
SubhanAllah, and in these blessed days, we can’t miss out.hajj