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You may or may not have the right to discriminate or under-estimate yourself, but you have no choice and right at all to do so with any other person. Who are you to do so, and on what basis actually?

We don’t care for but the reality is, when you discriminate a person for any reason , you do so not with that only person but with a generation as a whole, a society on a bigger picture.

If a tree grown by someone benefits many people , a peel of banana hurts several as well. All your behaviors have a long-lasting effect.

You say few words in few seconds but these few words may make or break someone’s innocent emotions .

When you discriminate someone on the basis of color, creed or intelligence , wealth or whatever , fear Allah that those silent cries you may ignore but SOMEONE is all hearing , all-knowing.

Every human has the right to live with the honor of feeling humanly . If they were given less in sense of wealth or health or intelligence by the Creator, it was His wisdom that He did so, but since when have you got the right to make them feel inferior on what Allah has given them???

I believe every person in this world can live happily and a satisfied life if we stop discrimination , and we stop making material things a base of respect and a certificate of being a successful human .

You don’t get hurt when you see yourself in the mirror and find your color dark, or short eyes , big nose etc. You’re used to of it , you know this face since long, and you thank God for whatever He has blessed you with .

But the moment you start feeling ugly and you can’t stand confident is when people arround you suggest you to use color fairness creams , lotions , show mercy on your appearance your fat body, short height or curly hair, your low salary etc.

Fools are they , in the passion of advisory free services, they destroy you even from inside aslo.

Never give someone beauty based, or income support plans based ideas or anything like this unless the person asks you for advise himself., because most expectedly he was happy with his black complexion, low salary but your kind (unkind in real) suggestions made him think the other way.

What if your suggestions don’t work , what if he remains the same even after using those creams, pills plans whatever?

Who is responsible for the inferiority complex they fell in ? Who is responsible for this that  the person doesn’t feel good anymore about himself?   You! You are responsible , you have made people think that no beauty means no life, no wealth no status.

Cruel you are, go and google how many people suicide  daily because they feel its good to die than to live a life of poverty , or ugliness , or so on because no one respects them for they are a shoe mender, a fruit-seller etc

Shame on you that you discriminate the poor, knowing that your Prophet PBUH led a life of poverty, knowing that most of his companions were poor, knowing that he chose himself poverty over wealth, knowing that he said poverty is my pride.

Shame! Today you have beauty and wealth your Lords . Shame that you made a culture of wealth and beauty. All the blood of the suicides is on your neck because you promoted this culture, you rejected an ugly women though she was pious , you rejected the pious guy who wanted to marry your daughter because he did not have much , and you thought he would not feed good to your daughter. Just shut up! Are you the one who feed or it is Allah? Go read history and find that there were many who married their daughter to kings and they became slaves later on, and there were many who married their daughters to the slaves and later they became Queens after marrying him. Have some lesson. Believe that it is not you, it is Allah who feeds His creation.

You will be asked of what you’re doing today, you have the guts to change this discrimination environment but you don’t do.

Is there anyone who would like to marry a disable woman? or a less pretty? or a more skinny/more short/ more fat, any deaf or blind? Is there any one of you , who is ready to follow the companions of Rasool ullah and Rasoolullah as well in this matter of marriage? They married to become a support for someone, to fulfil the charms and dreams of someone, they made someone feel awesome by holding their black hand in their pretty one.  The sahabiat, never did they marry a man who was jobless?? They were the people, they were the humans, the real humans, we just look like humans, we aren’t . Sorry

Is there any sister who is ready to marry a jobless but pious when both of them are eligible to get married and should marry  ? Is there anyone who is ready to do so because she believes that Allah is true in His promise and He said He will increase in wealth whoever marries to complete his half deen, and avoid sin?

You will never do this because you think you’re gonna live here forever so choose wisely, choose the best.

May i remind you what your Prophet PBUH said?

Din’t he say your faith isn’t complete unless you choose for your brother the same what you choose for yourself.

You want to have the most beautiful, most rich ones, and the rest???  The rest of the Muslims should choose them, you can’t. Shame

The prophetic narrations are not to read, write and teach only, they are to be practiced, otherwise there is no use of just reading and thinking you don’t have to act upon.

Where are you living? Whom are you following? You are the models , people will follow you if you take a positive step . I know the society we live in has no way sign for whatever i said, but if there ain’t a way,  create one, show one, start one.



Try respecting everyone , every creed , every rich and poor and never ever discriminate anyone and never snatch their “feel human” right from them, otherwise there is going to be a day when you will have to answer your Lord for all those discriminations you did with His creation.

Remember: Whenever you discriminate anyone, you actually don’t raise the finger on him, but the creator who made him  so.

At the end i don’t ask you for the big tasks i mentioned above, i may start them from myself, but i ask you to at least be respectful and loving towards all, go eat with a poor someday, sit with him in his house, drink tea with your maid, when you meet a jobless, tell them that you were more happy when you were jobless so that they don’t feel strange., tell them that you once did jobs that are considered low ranged, and that you too once had very less to eat.  Think for the rest of the things and tricks yourself, you’re clever enough now.

This way you may not change this whole environment, but someone someday will miss you while telling his generation his life story, for the courage and confidence you gave them, when you will probably be sleeping in your grave.This way you may not make their life, but believe me you’ll surely  make their day. The whole day they will walk confidently and happily.

I don’t say yolo (you only live once) ,  but yes, the life of this world is only a once only chance. Live it rightly.

Feel good even if you aren’t pretty , you must feel, because you are the reason for people to think that they are beautiful, and they thank Allah for that , if there were no less pretty faces, the more pretty ones would never thank Allah, they would never feel blessed. You are the reason. Salute to you .

Feel good, for anything you felt inferior about, because it was the things which made many people think about the blessings they have. , you are the source of this world’s moderation, because if there were no poor and everyone was rich, the rich surely had problems in doing their car washings, dish washings  , shoe mending, and all the things you do. Allah ease them through you. !  Blessed you are! !! Salute to you.

Feel good, distribute good !!!

I wish this article may awake the sleeping humans in us.