Be Infectious

Assalam o Alkium WarahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!


How much patience and do you think you have in you ??? whats the  % age?

Patience (or forbearing) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way.

So how much do you have?

The thing we are lacking the most is our behaviors today  is  “Patience”. We all have become so impatient so alien that we want everything according to our desire , and if it doesn’t happen, we burst up. For little things and on little things we make our day a bad day, a whole week a bad week, month a bad month, year a bad year and hence LIFE A BAD LIFE. Then we say , our luck is bad.

Na Na! Humans have got a great composition of emotions in them, some are bad emotions , some are good. some needs to be expressed, some needs to be pressed. But the problem with us is this that we start expressing  each and every emotion. When we are in anger we say all bla bla bla to the person who annoys us, never we think to control what is coming out, when something happen against our desire we start complaining that why does every bad thing happens with me? I have the worst luck,, never some good thing happens with me and etc etc.

The best person as said in a hadith is not the one who offers long prayers, or who gives charity in lacs, who is the best ???

The Messenger of Allah used to say:
The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.
(Related by al-Bukhari)

Now have an example of our “good” manners and “excess” of patience in today’s life.

Husband wakes up, and he tries to awake his wife for the breakfast, she is feeling sleepy still so she  says, oh please don’t disturb , go and make it yourself today.

Husband looks at her as if he is going to slap her, goes to the kitchen in burning anger, intentionally creates extra mess there, tha tha, bom duz buz sounds comes from the kitchen. Then having less breakfast and more anger he goes to the office, and the whole day he keeps annoying others , because he was himself annoyed, the peon, the fellows, to everyone he behaves badly, and this way more 10, 20 people gets annoyed, now also they are “ready” to go home with boiling minds and are going to boil their wife’s mind too 😦

When the husband comes home with the morning anger, this time wife is there with more “tempreture”, “what mess did you create in the kitchen?, it took me whole day to clean that, and you know i was not feeling well” . . . . . . . . . . .

now both husband and wife are on “full swing”,  you can imagine what kind of war happens after that normally so we are censoring the rest.

Think with cool mind , what was the reason of that fight??? just a tiny little thing. As it was wife’s duty to wake up, so firstly it was her turn to show patience even if she was feeling too sleepy,, but if she did not show tolerance, then it was husband’s turn to show. But he was more on fire than the wife.  These are our behaviors todays which leads to husband wife fights, and of course all other fights and mis understandings too. In each and every relation patience is required, husband-wife story i thought to be a best one to explain patience.

It is both of them responsible for the fight. Now imagine if they both re conciliate the next day, but what about those 10, 20 people , husband annoyed that day? What about those whom  those 10, 20 annoyed??? Now look how “infectious” that fight was. How much infectious.

Can you ever imagine what are the effects of your 1 minute impatient behavior ??? How long the chain goes?? Never we can imagine. We think that saying ‘sorry’ the next day mends everything, no no never. Thats why i and you we all have to be patient in every single moment, we have to try to keep  everyone safe from the harms of our tongue and hands.

“A Muslim is one whom other people are safe from his tongue and his hand.”
(Hadith narrated by Bukhari).

Also it is from the prophetic qualities that if a person is annoyed, he becomes more humble.

Look at the husband wife story like this that if wife wakes up with a smiling face, makes good breakfast, goes with the husband to the door to say good bye, how good day it can be for husband? How so “infectious” he can get with her behavior early in the morning that whom so ever he will meet the whole day, he will meet with a smiling face and pleasing attitude, he too can “infect” others as husband A did, but it will be a good infection. Now again imagine , those 10, 20, 30 people who will get inspired from his behavior will spread more “infections”, and hence a single moment of patient behavior becomes a pleasure for so many people.  So think, think, hundred times think before hurting, insulting someone, that what really you are going to speard. What really are you going to do, because words are like arrows, once you throw them, you just  throw them .

Be a virus, a virus that spreads infections, infections which please the hearts of people, lets try to became sooo infectious that whoever meets with us gets the “disease” and then spreads it more and more.

Because its easy to become impatient but its hard to become patient. So i am going to be more patient inshaALLAH, and i will try my best to show more humbleness to the one who annoys me, will inshaALLAH try to FORGIVE AND FORGET. Because ALLAH loves these qualities and i want to be a beloved of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Message of today is:

Be infectious, spread the disease of good manners. 🙂

jazakUMULLAH, for reading the post.

Now once again the question is: what %age do you have now of patience and what %age do you intend to achieve after reading the post ?? 🙂


Wassalam o Alikum warahmatuLLAH


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  1. “Be infectious spread disease of love” 🙂 soOo sweet 🙂
    i’ll try my level best to be more patient now Insha ALLAH 🙂 jazakALLAHU khairan

  2. Kindly listen to this too, after reading the article …

  3. Beautifully written sister! So much wisdom and thank you for the reminder to be patient!

    • Thank you Christine 🙂
      The good thing about blogging is that, sometimes it becomes a reminder for the writer as well.
      It is really a reminder for me after long when i have re-posted this article


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