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Assalam o Alikum WarhamTULLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Time management means to arrange and manage your time in such a way, that priority is given to the important things in life.

We have to understand this factor that in our life, there are mainly three types of things.

1. Important things

2.Semi important things

3. Unimportant things

time management

Unimportant things are actually those mosquitoes that somehow enter in your life, and someway stick somewhere , so there is no need to invite these unimportant jobs in your life.

To understand  this thing, take an example:

Take a small rounded glass jar or a fish jar, some magic balls (balls represent the imporatant things in life),  some pebbles (pebbles represent semi-important things in life), and some water (it represents unimportant things in life).

Now fill the jars with magic balls (your important things in life), when it gets filled and there is no more space for the balls,, put the pebbles in, (your semi-important things in life), , pebbles will go and fit in the spaces between the balls. When even that space gets filled., pour the glass of water (the unimportant things in life), you will see that water being a liquid will go in easily and will make its residence there.

This is what is the way, if we start giving importance to the important things in life like our Salah, recitation, time with family etc, the unimportant and semi important things will still make their way in our lives ,, so no need to make them a priority in your life.

Because if we do start giving importance to the unimportant things, what will happen???

Do the experiment in mind once again but reversely.

Put first the water in the jar, when its full, put the pebbles, (your condition is that once you fill, nothing should come out of jar, so as the jar is filled already , you can just put few pebbles , otherwise the water will come out, and it must not happen). , Now when it comes on the magic balls, you have no space, you have no time to do your major and important rolls in life.

Today in our lives we do the almost same second method , we start our day with unimportant things , and keep doing the same whole day, least importance is given to the most important things, and when we start doing those important jobs, the day is over, there is no space in the jar .

That’s the reason we many times see people saying that ,it is kinda strange time we are living in, time passes so fast,  hours and days go unfelt ,.

Do you agree with this, that really there is no barakah in time today??? Why?

Once i asked one of my class fellow, “Today there is no barakah in our lives, in our time, we sit to do some work and time runs so fast that its strange at times, , whereas our grand parents used to do long tough jobs in few hours , so do you agree that  really time has shortened ??”

I was sure that she will agree with me, but she said something else ,she said

“Its not about the factor of not having barakah in time, but its about the fact of what our priorities are? Our priorities have changed, and we give preference to those things today that can never bring barakah in our life . She said , time is same, our preferences have changed, and that’s the reason we feel we have no barakah in our life and time.

Today i feel she was true in her words ,. What do we do and what do we expect???

Should we expect ALLAH to put barakah in our time so that we can watch more useless stuff on t.v ?   Should we expect to have barakah in time while having chit chat on social networks??  Do we deserve barakah so that we can do more back biting?? , so that we can listen to more music, so that we can watch more movies????

This is the reason why we don’t feel  barakah in our time today., our grand parents did not have all those rubbish stuff around them that we have today,they did not waste their time in unimportant things,  they were the simple peaceful and sincere people, no hypocrisy , no back biting, and that’s why they had peaceful lives, and had barakah in their time.

ALLAH has power over all things, He has the power to bring back to us that harmony of time, but to have that barakah, to have that blessed time , we need to learn time management, we need to give priorities to the really important things, we need to stop wasting the amanah of time.

As the blessed month of Ramadan is just going to meet us, each & every moment of which is a great blessing, so let’s promise ourselves that this Ramadan we will do the best time management, this Ramadan we will put our magic balls in the jar first…… and then will do the same rest of our life.


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Keep your Children busy with yourself

الحمد لله وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وآله وصحبه وسلم

As parents we should not forget that if children has nothing to do, they will do something else. Human brain cannot remain empty, if you having nothing to do or nothing to think, satan will occupy your mind. That’s why when most of us stand in Salaah, our mind keeps on wondering because we don’t really do or think anything except standing up and sitting.

There are a lot of things which are halaal and you can use them and they are beneficial as well. Play games with your children (indoor games) in your garden. Create a blog for your children and by the time you have more than one child, create categories for each child. Let them write on each week an article (Islaamic articles) and then you upload them from written text online. This will open doors of his/her heart to you and its a source of goodness for both.

Keep your children busy with yourself, if you don’t, they will use other means to keep themselves busy which is a source of sadness for both. Take out a big amount of time for your wife and children to give them guidance and advice so that you don’t just become an ATM machine for them, but act as an accountable husband and father as well. Otherwise if you go by the routine work like from job to home and home to job, you will see the evil results very soon. No productive interactions, no twists, nothing different, these things result in depression and anxiety inside one’s home.


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We can never explore!

Assalam o Alikum Wa RahmatULLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Imagine the time when there were no means of communication or fast travelling. , thousands year back, when for people their village, town, or the only area they could go to was the only universe. They even did not know the vastness of the Earth, how can we imagine that they could think of other planets.  Even living in just a tiny little area as compared to the universe, they considered it their whole World.

I came to know yesterday that even in this age of science and technology we are like the villagers of thousands years back, as for them the only Earth they could see was  the only World, we do the same today. I know you are thinking that science and telescopes have shown us a whole lot of it . But No! Still No. This universe is so large , that it even cannot come into our imaginations., how can it come into the telescope net then?

NASA keeps on exploding new bombs of facts about the universe. And the recent research amazed me deeply.

Sun is so big as compared to our Earth?  Right?

This is not the only sun you also know this thing, Sun is a star and there are even bigger stars than our Sun .  People living in Pakistan can understand the efficiency of Sun these days 🙂 as its intense  heat reminds us of the heat of the hell.

Well i was telling you the never imagined vastness of the Earth. Scientists have recently  discovered a Galaxy, that produces 3000 Suns per year equal to the size of our Sun. 


But they are so far apart , so hot that man cannot reach them, he can only see them from Earth , just like the people of earlier times used to see stars on our little sky with amazement.

Never this universe we can explore, we can see this universe’s part  just at the distance of some thousands light years. (1 light-year = 9460730472580800 metres (exactly)

ALLHU AKBAR! I am just getting mad. Such a complicated universe.,.

Can we ever imagine the greatness of the Great Creator???

There is a couplet in Urdu which says:

       YOU come into my heart but not in my understanding

        So i have understood, this is what your identity is . . . . . .

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