Beauty Of The Word “Alhamdullilah”


Arabic language in Quran is more than just what we read in a translation. I came to know this after listening to Nouman ali khan tafseer. So by mere reading a translation you cant get the whole message and the real beauty of The words of God. Here is a very tiny and simple example of how a single word of Arabic can have a vast meaning in it that cant be just translated as a single word in english.

Word Alhamdullilah (الحمدلله) does not just mean “praise be to Allah” Its not a simple praise like you would praise anyone else.
By saying Alhamdullilah we mean “Praise and Thank be to Allah” so we are “praising” Allah and at the same time we are “Thanking” Him.
Like for example you would praise something saying “nice clothes!” But you wouldn’t say “thank you” for the clothes !
But when you praise Allah for something by saying Alhamdullilah you also at the same time Thanked Allah for that thing. Subhanallah !
Arabic is like no other language ! Its So beautiful and vast. This is one of the reasons why Allah selected it for Quran.
Just like this word there are tons of other miracles in the language of Quran.
you can check out many videos and lectures of Nouman Ali khan about this amazing language.

Jazakallah 🙂
Regards Rizmi

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A medical student and not a blogger or a writer ! Just dont know what I'm doing here :) :P I love photography and thats my hobby <3

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  1. there is more than that, Ustad Nak also discuess the grammer of the word Alhamdulullah, Word Hamd means both Sanah and Shukar, but its a Verb, Verb in a Sentence shows limitation of time, like something happended in a following time. Like He ran, Means he ran in the Past. But in Arabic when you wanna make a Verb into a Noun you got to add “Al” to it. So now the Hamd is a Noun “Alhamdulillah ” . Why it is a Noun ? because now it is not limited to time. Like if i say he is a Runner , it means he ran in the past, he is running right now, and he will run in the future . The Beauty of word Al-hamdulillah is that we are Praise ful and Thankful, but that Praise and thank is not limited to Present, it existed before our existiance, Before the creation of the heavens and the earth, It will also exist when we will die , when no one will live.
    I have PDF version of Nak Tafseer as ” Linguistic Tafseer of Quran ” i can give you the link if you want. there you will find word by word Linguistic tafseer of Whole Quran. Surah Fatiha there is of 13 pages. and Next Surah Al-Baqarah is of 286 pages.

    • Thank you 🙂 yea i know about the pdf link but i haven’t read it from there yet. I have not listened to the whole tafseer of surah fatiha just the word Alhamdullilah. I am currently listening to baqara and have listened to the last surah , the language just impressed me ! Subhanallah


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