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Beauty Of The Word “Alhamdullilah”


Arabic language in Quran is more than just what we read in a translation. I came to know this after listening to Nouman ali khan tafseer. So by mere reading a translation you cant get the whole message and the real beauty of The words of God. Here is a very tiny and simple example of how a single word of Arabic can have a vast meaning in it that cant be just translated as a single word in english.

Word Alhamdullilah (الحمدلله) does not just mean “praise be to Allah” Its not a simple praise like you would praise anyone else.
By saying Alhamdullilah we mean “Praise and Thank be to Allah” so we are “praising” Allah and at the same time we are “Thanking” Him.
Like for example you would praise something saying “nice clothes!” But you wouldn’t say “thank you” for the clothes !
But when you praise Allah for something by saying Alhamdullilah you also at the same time Thanked Allah for that thing. Subhanallah !
Arabic is like no other language ! Its So beautiful and vast. This is one of the reasons why Allah selected it for Quran.
Just like this word there are tons of other miracles in the language of Quran.
you can check out many videos and lectures of Nouman Ali khan about this amazing language.

Jazakallah 🙂
Regards Rizmi

Music and Quran cannot be in the same heart


Will you Friendship??? :( (Task#8)

Assalam o Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu


You have a good relationship with your neighbors , you go twice thrice to their home daily to give something or to bring something. Sometimes  just for a chit chat you spend hours there. The more time you spend with them the more you come to know about them, i.e how do they live, what they eat, what ethical values do they follow, which t.v channel do they like, who is their favorite actor/actress , how liberal are they, what hobbies they have, what time they sleep and a long long list of things are there which you come to know because of this close relationship. Many of these things even their relatives may not be aware of, which you know. Why??? Because you are close to them . And closeness brings knowingness, the more close you go, the more you come to know.

Now if these close neighbors  leave for somewhere else, this thing make you deeply sad. It creates a huge space. Because you have a close relation with them. And their departure is unbearable for you.

On the contrary if your neighbors are “just” neighbors to you. You don’t visit them but only in case of funerals or wedding ceremonies, then they are just equal to strangers to you even living one next door.

If anytime they leave the house, their departure will not effect you, you will never feel their absence.

Quran is just similar, it is your neighbor living in your shelf. Now the more you visit it, the more deeply you’l come to know about it. , and you will feel hollowness inside whenever you’l be unable to find a copy of Quran. It will become your life, your day and night , your best friend , you’l go to it in every bad and sad. , you’l have it close to your heart , and it’s departure???  Naaa you can never think of it.

It depends of you now what kind of relationship would you like to create with your neighbor Quran. If you open it just to read on funerals, just on fridays or just to keep over a bride’s head as a bid’ah and a custom, forget that you’l receive it’s blessings.

Look! whenever you sent something to your neighbors , say sweet dish, of some gift., they surely return back something. Then how did you think that you will give Quran your time, and will not receive blessings in return?

Quran is that neighbor which is going to be there always till Qyamah, but you??? . . . .  . . . . . . . .  You may have to LEAVE for you new home (grave) anytime.

So before this departure come. Hug it, and friendship today with Quran. 🙂


In sha ALLAH this week our task is to make habit of reading the Quran daily, with understanding, even if one verse.

So let’s start our true friendship with Quran from today.

May ALLAH give us taofeeq to read , and read with understanding.  In sha ALLAH.

So how many of you are ready for a true friendship ?????

Task Suggested By: Abu-yousaf