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Task#9 Thinking well of ALLAH

Assalam o Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

After thinking and thinking that what should be the next week task, i realized that the thing we need the most today is husnuz zn with ALLAH. Everyone of us thinks that we are passing through hard calamities and at times we loose faith , we loose sabar.  What we really need to create within us is the thinking that thinks well of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala, and creating the belief that He can actually give us relief.  Once a person has a thinking developed about the powers and love of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala , things become easy for him, and every calamity that befalls on him, becomes easy to face.

Having ALLAH beside you doesn’t mean that you will not face storms, it only means that no storm can sink your boat now.

This week we’l in sha ALLAH try to develop a thinking of huznuz zn with ALLAH, and this firm belief that ALLAH has power over all things.


A lecture of a sheikh once touched my heart deeply and i would like to share with you that lecture’s transcript. (we shared it a long time ago once)

“Sometimes what we wish for seems far away or were faced with what we fear, Only then the reality of being attached to ALLAH subhanahu wa taala is revealed. Some people leave off dua thinking that their request will never be fulfilled, or they leave off dua thinking that their affliction or hardship will not be taken away. But who still keeps supplicating? It is the one who thinks well of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala!. What does thinking well of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala means? It’s not what may be initially understood; which is that ALLAH is merciful and that’s it!  This is not enough. Thinking well of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala is firstly knowing that ALLAH is able to do all things, and then to know that ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala is the Most Merciful. So first you have to know that ALLAH is able (to do all things). Because during a hardship anyone who sees you will have mercy on you, So the issue here is not mercy, the issue is that this person cannot help you or alleviate your affliction. The key to thinking well of ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala is to know that nothing can stop ALLAH from doing what He wishes be it in this earth or the Heavens! For one to have this truth firm in his heart… this cannot be read in books or taught in universities nor it is given in lectures.


(Or like the one who passed by a town while it had tumbled over its roofs,

He said: “Oh! How will ALLAH ever bring it to life after its death?” So ALLAH caused him to die for a hundred years , then raised him up (again). He said: “How long did you remain (dead)?”. He (the man) said: “i remained (dead) a day or part of the day.” He said: “nay! you have remained (dead) for a hundred years , look at your food and your drink …they show no change; and look at your donkey. And thus we have made of you a sign for the people. Look at the bones, how We bring them together and clothe them with flesh.”

When this was clearly shown to him,he said: “i know (now) that ALLAH is able to do all things.” (2:259)

This is the greatest key to being a true slave of ALLAH… to know that ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala is able to do all things!

If this certainty is firm in the heart… who amongst the creation will you worry about asking or will you stand in front of to beg for His help? There is nobody (who can help).

If you are sure and certain that only ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala is able to do all things, only then , when your wishes and aspirations seem far away and you are faced with problems you will know that ALLAH is able to remove your afflictions and complete His favor on you and bestow His blessing on you.”

Are you tolerant? No? Join us


How can i forgive?

Assalam o Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Have you noticed we all have becomes so  sick when it comes on tolerance and forgiveness.

See, we have different natures, difference capacities, different way of living, with such conditions it is evident that we will feel the difference.

Having differences is never bad, what is bad and horrific is not to accept the differences, and try to convince people to follow our styles, speak the way we speak, live the way we live. When we become such extremist, this is the point where the problem begins.

Remember! never ever try to compare yourself with others, because either you will fall in an inferiority complex by doing this or in a superiority complex.  Both are bad. Both spoil the personality.

People are often emotional, they hurt us. But all what we do in response is that we either hurt them back, or we start keeping grudges for them.

Who gets effected? The very first person who is spoiled is “YOU” yourself. They are happy in their life, they even don’t remember or felt that they hurt you.  So why are you bothering? Why don’t you forgive and forget too?

Yes, i know you are thinking it’s easy to say but hard to act upon.

Forgiveness is easy if we start taking the fights, and differences positively.

Whenever someone hurts you, find reasons why they did that. And be positive, make positive estimations that may be he/she was depressed, may be he had some personal issues, may be someone insulted him, probably he faced a loss in dealings, surely she din’t really mean what she said. There are hundreds and hundreds of positive estimations that we can make, and make them a reason ladder to forgive people and hug them back.

And think that it was his capacity which he showed by expressing badly, let i show my capacity by expressing well.

ALLAH subhanahu ta’ala has all powers, and on our tiny mistakes He can punish us, but He forgives and keeps forgiving, then why we do become so aggressive  when someone advice us to forgive someone?

For bad behavior, everyone feels bad and replies bad, but to reply pleasantly is something blessed blessed people can do. This is such a great property which is not given to every single person.

Whenever you get depressed on recalling the past and whatever happened, remember you are your own enemy if you are not forgiving people, you are harming yourself , not others, you are making your own loss, by keeping grudges, and growing hatreds.

All your life gets effected, your family takes effect of the behaviors you show as a result of these grudges and tensions, your work is neglected, and all the loss comes back to you.

So isn’t it better to take a deep breath and think let i forgive that person, let i forgive everyone, let i clean my heart and become a better servant of ALLAH.

And read the following Hadith carefully.

The Messenger of Allah was seated in a gathering with the Sahabah when he looked towards the entrance and said, “A man of Paradise is coming.” At that instance someone who seemed to be very ordinary entered the mosque where they were seated. A Sahabi was curious as to why the Prophet .‘ said this, so he followed the man to his house. This Sahabi told the man that he was a traveler and stayed as a guest. For three days the Sahabi saw nothing unusual, so he finally told the man what the Prophet had said and asked him what was so special. The man thought for a long time and said, “There might be one thing — before going to sleep every night I forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.” 

Let’s try to practice forgiveness this week in sha ALLAH.  Let’s before ending the post, forgive everyone who ever hurt us any way just for the sake of ALLAH, and next time meet them with a smiling face.

We will be interested to know how many people did you forget 🙂 Will discuss below.

Let’s forgive , let’s forget in sha ALLAH 🙂

The seven under ALLAH’S shade


The Prophet ﷺ said:

There are seven whom Allah will shade in His Shade on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade.

  1. A just ruler.
  2. A youth who grows up in the worship of Allah.
  3. A man whose heart is attached to the mosques.
  4. Two people who love one another for the sake of Allah.
  5. Someone who resists a direct temptation from the opposite gender.
  6. A person who is completely selfless in charity.
  7. A person who remembers Allah in private and sheds tears in doing so

A silent message for all the youth.


SAP is Back :)

Assalam o Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

Hmmm well! SAP was off for more than two weeks, and none of you bothered to ask why? :@

I would like to remind you all, that we started SAP, with the aim to change ourselves , to work on our inner self individually. And for this purpose we wanted to create an environment so that we keep uplifting our Eman when it gets down.

All of you who joined SAP, had the same intention, and there was a zeal to change. But for some reasons, you felt it once not working, you missed a task, and you gave up.

We are all believers Alhumdulillah, and the condition of believers are strange at times.

Sometimes you feel your Emaan so high and sometimes it’s very low. Does it happen with others too?

Read and Ponder on the following para.


”  often we find ourselves in a state of fluctuating Iman, sometimes it’s very high sometimes we feel we have hit rock bottom. The qalb (Heart) changes frequently the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: ” The heart of the son of Adam changes more quickly than a pan of rapid boiling water”

 In another report he SAW said: “The likeness of the heart is that of a feather in an empty plot of land, being blown over and over by the wind”.

This instability of the heart leads to the increase and decrease of iman, it is natural to have these ups and downs. In another beautiful narration Prophet Muhammad SAW said: ”there is no heart that is not covered by a cloud like the cloud covering the moon when it is shining, and so it suddenly goes dark, but when it(the cloud) goes away, it shines again” this comparison subhan’Allah , is exactly what our heart is like. We may have a state of darkness, as a result of falling into sin and so forth causing  a covering over the heart, until one  makes an effort to  change for the good, this veil is removed allowing for light to enter the heart rejuvenating the iman.

Iman is constantly changing like the heart it increases with obedience to Allah and decreases with disobedience “….Which of you has had his iman increase by it?” (9:124) Your iman increases or decreases from the state that which it is currently in.

 A believer must check his/her heart, seek purification of it if one doesn’t do so they can fall into great error they begin to feel hardening of the heart, no love or fear of Allah. This sickness weakens the iman, one must try to leave what bad they are committing make tawbah and implement good deeds and acts of worship. Purify your intentions when doing so to insure it’s for the sake and pleasure of Allah SWT making your iman increase and inshaAllah safeguard it from falling back into sin. Just like a roller coaster you have never road before the heart and iman go up and down sideways and upside-down being aware of our actions, being sincere in our Ibadah and actions purifying your heart. Doing so Be’ithnillah your Iman increases from the state it is in now.

May Allah increase our iman when we have fallen into weakness, keep our heart in the state of purification, safeguard our deen. Ameen

                                                                                                                        -Amaturahman Umm Sufyan” 

Hmm now come back to the interesting thing, why was SAP stopped? It was stopped because the admin for SAP was unfortunately a human 🙂 ,  and we were unable to find an angel to work for us,  so obviously she had the downs in Emaan too.

 Do forgiver her for that, and come back to the routine now. 🙂

As we’r going to restart SAP, it’s better that we all once look for all the past tasks, and implement them all at once now. Search for the task you did not follow, and follow that.

Remember we stated, one week doesn’t mean,  chutti after that . It means make a habit with that one week, and keep that habit grow stronger and stronger.

So now everybody out there, who is interested to join us in this continuity of SAP, can let us know with your emails, or in the discussion form below.

Let’s try raising our Emaan, May ALLAH subhanahu ta’ala forgive all our major and minor sins, and accept the tiny tiny efforts.


It’s a self assessment week itself, look inside, understand what spiritual condition you are in, and make your own assessment about what is your report about yourself, how much did you change, and how much did you try to change.