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We are finished without compromise!

For sisters especially! No matter what, in the end its you who need to compromise, you will either Make or Break your house so Hang in there No doubt Allah loves the saaber (patient).


Become The Beloved Of ALLAH now!!!

Assalam o Alikum Wa RahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu


Imagine your friend named Ali working in a company for 6 years as an assit. manager , and still he is on the same post . Ali has a good degree and skills too. He remains at the office from 9 am to 4 pm. But the drawback is that he just completes his duty nothing more than completing it, it’s never done efficiently. It’s never done with enthusiasm  .

On the other hand, another friend of yours named Fahad, who has the same degree that Ali has , same skills and also the fact that he joined the
company late , but he became the senior manager just within a year. A big HOW right !! The thing which led him to success was , his hardworking and completing all the work efficiently, which made him noticeable in the eyes of CEO , and  the CEO said that being the hardworking and efficient employee, Fahad must be promoted so he got a promotion!!

What did the CEO noticed?
He noticed his abilities and admired him , he saw his hard-work , his zeal of giving an efficient output , and so, Fahad became the BELOVED employee. He got the success.

Now just come out of imaginations .

What do we do???  In our daily lives when it comes on following the commandments of ALLAH., do we behave like Fahad whose all concern was not to give a so so output but to give an excellent output. (Following Fardh as well as Sunnah) , Or our behaviors , our output today in our daily lives is like Ali, whose interest was just to complete the given necessary work, and nothing above that. (Namaz parh li, kafi hai) , Even though he had the abilities and skills to give the same output like Fahad.

Just think , how it would feel like, if we become the Beloved of the CEO of the CEOs (Allah)? The one to whom we are just slaves , how it would feel like when

we (slaves) will become the beloved of the owner of the universe,  and will achieve the real success???

Isn’t it wonderful ? indeed it is , Allah O Akbar!!

So our next week task is “how to become the Beloved of Allah”.

Let’s find out how can we become the beloved one 🙂

To become the beloved of ALLAH, to become extra important in the sight of ALLAH, we need to follow that employee whom He loves. We need to do the same as he did.

And who is he??? He is our beloved Prophet Peace Be Upon Him.

From this week on wards in sha ALAH., we are going to follow Sunnahs with more interest than we had before, with more love, with more enthusiasm.

Look the Kuffar burn in jealousy when they see our Love for the Prophet Sallal lahu alaihi wassalam.


 آپ سا آیا ھے نہ آئے گا

یہ مخالف تبھی تو جلتے ھیں

Listen! they don’t care when we protest, when we go out on roads saying we love you RasoolULLAH, we love you,. They don’t care for that, they know that all this is just a wordly love.

But what do they care? Why and when they actually become worried? They become worried when they see a young guy having beard, they burn to coal when they see the trousers above ankles, the girls in modest dressing, youth with lowered gaze ,..

Look! If i love someone i can’t show my love with only words, but if i start following that  person, and i start saying, i will eat this because he/she likes this food, i will wear this because he/she loves this dress, i will not sleep in the  late morning because he doesn’t like to do so. Huh!!!

This kind of behavior will insist you to say about me ,  “huhh!  He is mad in love!”

This is what happens when the love reaches the inside of the Heart.

Now let the Kuffar say about us, “They are madly in love with their Prophet”.

It is common for most Muslims to shout out loud their love for their Prophet Muhammad sallal lahu alaihi wassalam,

but yet when it comes to following his guidance, they hesitate and choose to follow anything other than it.

* Guys:    DAAHRI ???????  :O

Yaar! Ammi kehti hain koi rishta nae dayga phir.

* Girls: Ummm You Mean Hijab? Ehm!

Haan karugi insha ALLAH,  shadi kay ba’ad.  ( 🙂 )

Just examples! We do the same in the rest of the Sunnahs too.

Remember! After leaving ALLAH, no one gained anything, and after pleasing ALLAH, no one lost anything. 

Oh muslim! Indeed the Prophet’s guidance is the best of mankind for you to follow

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said in his khutbah’s;
“For verily the best speech is the Book of Allaah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad .”
(Saheeh Muslim)

Our beloved Prophet repeated these words over and over again in his speeches so as to teach his followers the importance of following his Sunnah
to become more close to Allah.

The Prophet(pbuh) also said;
“Verily I have left with you two things,
if you hold unto them you will never go astray! The Book of Allaah and my Sunnah!”

(Al-Mishkaat 1/66)


So this week try to follow Sunnah’s of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , not only in this week but in the remaining life , so that we may become  Allah’s beloved .

Now you may think, so many Sunnah! How to start?? Where to end.

We have our brothers working on this very important matter.

The Sunnah Proteges.

Below is the link to their page, just click that on daily bases, there you can find numerous Sunnahs, so many Sunnah duas. Look for those Sunnah that you are not practicing, the duas that you haven’t memorized yet. And just be your teacher yourself. (a bit strict now 🙂 )

In sha ALLAH, at the end of this week , we shall discuss how many new Sunnah we have brought into our lives. In sha ALAH.

Let’s Change The World With Piety.


Courtesy :  Sayed Waqas Gillani

Task assigned by : Aena Siddiqui

Material Compilation: Cooperation 

BEAUTY OF RELATIONS,let’s start to beautify Relationships

Assalam o Alikum WarahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

The intention behind the formation of  a menu named “relationships” on blog is to make realize ourselves and our readers the importance of Relationships.

Remember that “give and take”  and  “as you sow shall you reap” is the rulling in the garden of Relations.

We can make hell our life by breaking and mis handling relations or we can fill our life with endless joys , and make our life a heaven by “making up the relationships”.

By making ourselves realize how our dear ones around us are striving, struggling , working for us since years.

so, after “taking” this all love, effection, cares we have to “give” back something , so that the wheel of life rolls, and rolls smoothly, so that you can enjoy a beautiful journey..

Moreover how much our religion emphasizes on the importance of relations?, how bad the one is called who breaks relations.

now come on binatuhawwa! let’s make up relations , let’s start knowing the importance of relations. let’s act upon our religious teachings.

we will keep posting here, but don’t forget your contribution matters. 🙂

Mothers Never Get Holidays

images o Mother! you never had a holiday, since i saw you

From the days of cradle, i know you

Moving, working, struggling all day

Cooking , baking , moping all day

Washing , dusting, rubbing all day

O mum! i know you, i know you

And after whole day tiring work

Your night was never a time to rest

It was your time to hold me , to feed me

My cries were a disturbing alarm for you After single single minutes

.. .. You never slept well o mama! Because of me

I know you mum, i know you When you said you don’t have appetite

And you left the food for me to eat but

you lied mama! you had it

You never ate well o mum! because of me

i know you mum i know you

when you and Dad had picnics & parties

But you were unable to rejoice

As you had pains Because of  “me in you”

You never enjoyed well mum! because of me

and then in teenage i started teasing you

for my greedy useless wishes. . .but

you always hid my faults from dad

You never lived well atlast mum because of me

then, how dare was i to say

that you have no right no right

to interfare in my matters

Curse on me that i said, i said “no time”

i have studies, i have job ,

a house and a wife so, , ,  no time

Curse on me mama!

you have gone with the wish

a wish to see me expressing love

a love for You, some moments for you

Now, Sitting beside your ‘ last home’

mama! missing you!

look i have brought flowers for you

im telling you mama! I LOVE YOU.

come back, for an instance come back

i always “knew” you but today i have truly  “realised” you.

that, you never ate well, never slept well ,never enjoyed well


you had the most favors on me, but I’M LATEweio