See Wonders This Week! Task# 1

BismiLLAH hir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam O Alikum Wa RahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

What is the definition and concept of lowering of the gaze in your sight???

Lowering of gaze is only for the moment we see something “too” dirty? something “too” point able ??? right??


Well! In today’s hyper-sexualized Western society, many of us would rather just ignore the concept of lowering the gaze and avoiding inappropriate glances at opposite genders all together. And there is no harm in “just looking”, right??

The things we consider minor sins do not actually have minor effects, they have  disastrous effects. We don’t feel it in the beginning , but after some time when the whispers of Shetan become unbearable , when the things are no more in our hands, we feel the mistake, but late, too late.

Our each and every action has its effects on our entire life.

Staring at the unlawful things, not lowering the gaze, just having “looks” on the dashing guy in the university, or at the “hot” girl in the street , these are the things, a major reason why we don’t feel our hearts concentrated in salahs.

Why we have become rude, and teasing towards our parents, why there are so many wasaawis in our minds.?

Did we ever think you can get rid of all this ,, did we ever try to find the reason of this restless life?

Its not only about looking at the hot and cool girls and guys around you.

What does t.v shows you??? What is everywhere on the internet in the form of ads??? What is on the bill-boards???

Something calling you, something trying to snatch away your peace of salah, your peace of life from you. Look at the eye picture above once again. doesn’t it seem so mysterious? Taking in so many effects, giving out so many harms?

But for us, it is not an issue at all, we think it’s funny how can we watch t.v without looking at the faces???       (why can’t btw?)

“oh! How clowny it will look when i’l stand before my male class fellow with lowered gaze.  Na na”

Even a few inappropriate glances at non-Mahrams can over time cause one to abandon his modesty and openly start “checking out” girls/guys . From a psychological point of view, the things we perceive with our eyes during the course of the day are stored in our memory. These images then subconsciously “accumulate” and slowly lead a person to physically manifest them. Hence the alarming rate of Muslim youth today who have become addicted to pornography and cannot help but satisfy their desires through unlawful means.

In addition to preventing us from committing vulgar and sinful behavior, the spiritual benefits one attains from observing proper Hijab of the eye are innumerable. In short,

                                                 Lower Your Gaze!!!

                                              You will see WONDERS!!

WALLAHI you will surly see some wonders. A peace of mind, your keen behavior back. Rid from evil thinking, attention in salah.

Numerous benefits of keeping your gaze lowered

1. It creates a heart that is devoted to and focused on Allaah. Letting the gaze wander distracts the heart and keeps it far from Allaah. There is nothing more harmful to a person than letting his gaze wander, as it creates alienation between a person and his Lord.

2. It strengthens the heart and brings it peace, just as letting the gaze wander weakens it and makes it sad.

3. It brings light to the heart, just as letting the gaze wander brings darkness to it. Hence Allaah mentioned the verse of light immediately after the command to lower the gaze (An-Noor 24:30)

4.  It prevents the poisoned arrows (of the shaytaan), which may lead to his doom, from reaching his heart.

5. It is obedience to the command of Allaah, which brings happiness to man in this world and in the next.

But regular! be regular! It’s not about “thora thora to daikh saktay hain”

Hadith – Sahih Muslim 5372, Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah 

I asked Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) about the sudden glance (that is cast) on the face (of a non-Mahram). He commanded me that I should turn away my eyes. 

Sudden glance means sudden glance. It doesn’t mean to stare at some opposite gender for so long ,then say     “oh! AstaghfiruLLAH” and make a habit of doing so.

The reason why we did not choose anything else but lowering of the gaze as first task is because, this is one of the very roots of all evils these days, we have to look for the ground reasons of why are we having no concentrations in Ibadah., no peace in life.

If we just start saying, concentrate on namaz, concentrate on namaz, and don’t look for the reasons that distract our attention, the problem will still be there.

That’s the reason why we have tried to hit this root cause.


Now what to do??? We in sha ALLAH will try to avoid the in appropriate glances, and will try to lower our gaze as much as possible.

It’s a whole week exercise to do, with stressing our nafs. and chinning up our internal peace., a whole week exercise to make it a life time habit in sha ALLAH

But don’t forget! We are doing this just to please ALLAH, and in the delicate hours, we will only fear ALLAH.

May ALLAH accept it, and may ALLAH give us all this toufeeq to make lawful use of our sight.

May ALLAH bless us all the light of heart, and peace of mind.

These are the Precious eyes made to see Jannah! Do’t sell them for this world


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  1. I just had a shock two three time today, when suddenly i remember!
    Oh! Task !!! Protect the gaze
    Did someone experienced the same?

  2. yeah that happened to me last evening during jogging , bt i realized abt the task nd thn i ran faster aftr that 😛

    • We all need to fear ALLAH , as every single action we are practicing is just to please Him.

      “And if an evil suggestion comes to you from Satan, then seek refuge in Allah . Indeed, He is Hearing and Knowing.
      Indeed, those who fear Allah – when an impulse touches them from Satan, they remember [Him] and at once they have insight. ” Al-Aaraaf 7:200 , 7:201

      • indeed …JazakAllah khair ..its been a good time during the task , May Allah make me strong enough to carry on till death come -_-

  3. As a revert, I can say that subhanallah this change has occured to me almost naturally. I am so aware and drop my gaze almost naturally, even while watching movies or TV, I’m not a fan of either. If I lived alone the TV would be the first thing to go.
    Living in the West is so challanging as we are bombarded with images and music everywhere we go. Sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating. I see satan everywhere and see the terrible damage he is doing, especially to the youth. He has people eyeing and stalking each other like animals, it is well beyond sad and painful to observe.
    The limits set by Allah SWT are for our highest good and protection. Once you taste the sweetness of faith, you will understand, and protecting this sweetness becomes a priority. He fills your heart with so much sweetness and light, you just won’t be willing to trade it for anything.

    • ALLAHU AKBAR!!! How so true.
      “Iman and Haya’ are like twins, they go hand in hand .”
      To those whom ALLAH bless with the jewel of Emaan , they are the people who feel the true essence of haya.

      Blessed you are, really blessed to have Haya in your eyes, and that automatically satanic things disturb you.
      May ALLAH make our Emaan, as high as you (guided heart) have.
      And may ALLAH give us all this strength to always always protect our gaze, even after this task week finishes.

      • Ameen. Ameen. Alhamdulilah.
        I say subhanallah, because for me this is something which I almost can’t control for myself. Like I have a protection over me. I was a shy person before I reverted, but I did not know right from wrong. Now, by the grace of Allah SWT I see everything clear. I’m not saying I’m good or anything, I’m just able to see and appreciate this most amazing blessing bestowed by His grace.
        It takes much, much patience to live in a non-Muslim country. It makes one cling to Him for protection, patience and strength.

  4. Experience:

    It was a good practice. AlhumduliLLAH.
    The thing i felt was this, that my heart got softened. I felt my Salah better than before, and whenever i raised hands for dua, tears shed from my eyes., as it was an effect of softened heart., AlhumduliLLAH, with lowering the gaze i say.
    Plus something strange is this that almost every night this week , when i went to sleep, i realized my mistakes done in the whole day, i was given opportunity by ALLAH to ask for forgiveness for my sins at the end of the day.
    And it is of course a great blessing.
    May ALLAH accept our struggles, it was all to please ALLAH,
    or ALLAH TA’AL kabhi udhaar nahin rakhtay, isliye all of a sudden we are given the pay back of our deed in the form of different spiritual benefits. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

  5. It was awesome:) in fact it is!!! Not a task for just one week or so!! it’s for lifetime practice:) and i pray that when the time gets over we may all succeed in true manner ameen:)
    and yeah it not only protect our gaze from getting into haram it also saves our internal spiritual world and yeah that’s the mostttt prettiest thing about this task:) Thanx alot Jazakillah soooo much for such a thing shjr:)

  6. alhamdulillah!!! it was gud & hlpful..

  7. Alhamdulilah, my task 1 went good… i’ll keep on practising.

  8. alhamdulilah..!!it waz a gud experience…2 b honest i had been practicng the same thng since last 2 weeks..b4 ths task waz assigned…the diffrnc waz that i had not given it a name of task..i waz happy after readng abut the first task…bcz i waz going 2 b a bit easier for me…but along wth that…i faced litl prblmz…as i m very observant…i keep on observng others features,style,personalty,etc…speacialy politicians…so it waz hard 4 me 2 remember nd keep in mind that they r also namehrams…but ALLAAH helped me alot…durng the whole week..last three dayz went really gud..the reasn behind ths was i was fastng…and it waz too hot out there in my in that cnditinz i could not help myself even 2 look at the mehrams..(namehram ko dekhna tou dur ki baat)…durng al ths the possitv thngs i noticed were i really got soft heartd nd polite….yup peace element was also there…and dnt knw wat waz it…but i really got a biggest happiest newz ths week…may b it waz not that big newz 4 others but 4 me it waz …and it really made my that day….and i belive 4 the the first time in the history of my life i thanked ALLAAH 4rm the bottom of my heart…i felt really blessed …

  9. masha Allah…a start of a good project!

  10. @Sara, @Waqas, @Muthajiba, @Momina, @Anuti, @Mahwish, @Muhammad Shoib, @Hejab, @guided heart, @palwashay

    JazakumuLLAHU khairan katheeran to all of you separately and deeply, for creating this change-environment.
    May ALLAH give you the neighborhood of His beloved Prophet Sallal lahu alaihi wassalam in Jannah. In sha ALLAH 🙂
    May we all meet there.


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