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8 Myths About My Hijab

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By Umm Ibrahim

I’ve been wearing the hijab for almost 8 years now. There’s no complex rocket science behind it. I firmly believe that it is a commandment from Allah. Here are just some of the ideas I’ve heard people expressing about my hijab, explicitly or implicitly, over the years. Without further ado, here come the myth-busters:

1- You have a superiority complex. You think you are a better Muslim than me.


Actually, no. I harbor no such thoughts because I know the sins I commit. I know my shortcomings and weaknesses. Allah covers them up through His Mercy.  Therefore, I do not think I (or any random hijabi) is better than any non-hijabi sister. But, I do think that: wearing a Hijab (in obedience to Allah and His Messenger) is better than not wearing a hijab (in disobedience to Allah and His Messenger). There’s a subtle…

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Feel so sorry for the Malaysian plane crash :'( May Allah give the families patience and give the deceased higher places in jannah


Allah consoles us so beautifully :)

If you have any problem , anyone troubling you, having difficult time staying away from sins just read this ayah how beautifully Allah consoles us by saying dont fear them 🙂


Total Submission To Allah