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Contact Ethics

We’re used to of it and we don’t even think how irritating it can be to someone. We have mobile in hands all the times , whenever we want to contact someone just click a button and it starts ringing on the other side, no matter where the person is, how much busy , in what condition. We just start calling and calling and calling whether he is our known person or someone lightly familiar . What have you become civilized people? Have some contact ethics please. Before calling someone who is not a friend or someone close to you , take permission via text message to confirm whether the person is free to talk or not, ask him, may i call you? If the person is free he will respond you with an okay text, otherwise let him get free. Why we just jump in people’s personal lives and majority of the times it’s not an urgent call . Please have some ethics, don’t tease, we all are busy in our own routines.

Got ethics ?

I’m just sitting in a gathering or a serious meeting and a sudden call comes, how are you? And? Whats up? And? . . . . . .

What the hell is that? What can i reply sitting in a gathering where everyone starts looking at me , waiting for me to end up the call?

At least before calling someone, take permission with a text message specially specially when you don’t have a close interaction with that person. And if you don’t follow this ethic  ,then please at least let it be a once a while call. If there is no response , it means the person is busy or is not in a condition to attend the call. Try later. Don’t just press the call button, and keep calling until the person receives it.

Please! Technology is supposed to ease lifestyle, let it ease and not make things irritating.

Let’s learn some contact ethics.

May Allah guide us all.

The best among you!!!!



Assalam o alikum warahmatuLLAHI wa barakatuhu!

have you ever noticed???

we are praised by people to whom we are less known as compared to people we are known. (family)

they praise us , and we become happy and start thinking that oohhh! we are very good natured , we are very mannered ones ,we are very good muslims, look everyone who meets us says the same. . .

red light!,, stop for a while!

does our family members praise us the same way as do other people??? 

the answer to this question is ‘no’ usually. and it proves us not to be a best muslim as we think ourselves that we are.

why??? because you are good or bad is tested when you live for sometime with someone, and they observe you in thick and thin.

being good and mannered to class fellows, being good to someone you meet in docter’s clinic, someone at the bus stand or in the bus or anywhere for sometime does not testify  that you are best .

never judge yourself this way, never betray yourself this way!!

because what proves us best is you know what???

it is when our own family members certify our goodness, when they are happy with us. when they don’t have complaints of us. 

And i am not saying it on my own, im saying because my Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“The best of you is he, who is best to his family , and i am the best among you to my family.”

Let’s promise ourselves to be Best muslims!, lets follow Rasool ULLAH (salal lahu alihi wassalam)

Because never we have read about any family member of him complaining about him…

Have you ever read anything like such?? of course not.

why because he was not like us only praised by unknowns , but by known  as well, by the very nearest ones.

Never betray yourself , never judge yourself , your behavior by the comments of those who know not much about you, and never start thinking that your family is mad who ain’t happy with you, when the rest of the world is. Because i believe, you truly become a mannered and a lovely being when your own family members praise you the same as the rest of the world does.

May ALLAH makes us the coolness of the eyes of our family, and make us the true follower of Rasoolullah sallal laho alaihi wasssalam .

Allahumma Ameen

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