Fun Time

Assalam  o Alikum WarahmaTULLAHI wa barakatuhu!

well! when it comes on religion , say any religion we imgine a serious picture in our minds!

even it’s a mis conception and people think the same about Islam. why? is having fun prohibited in religions? does religion only mean worship?  you are religious, does it mean you have to be hitler serious???

Not at all. !! atleast we can’t say the same about Islam. it’s a Religion of practice, a religion of everyday life, a religion of smiles and laughters! and after all


so we thought to start a page within our blog , that could assure what we are saying,

here we’l  share things that could bring smiles on your faces.

” Because , religion is the name to know ALLAH, practice shariah, but but but with SMILES. . .  ”

that’s how we define religion.

Also if you read the life times of our Beloved Prophet peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him, you’l come to know, how beautifully he used to behave, how with different ways he brought smiles on the faces. how lively was he, specially with his family.

so, it’s good to keep a little humor in your life. And a smile on your face.



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