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Beauty Of The Word “Alhamdullilah”


Arabic language in Quran is more than just what we read in a translation. I came to know this after listening to Nouman ali khan tafseer. So by mere reading a translation you cant get the whole message and the real beauty of The words of God. Here is a very tiny and simple example of how a single word of Arabic can have a vast meaning in it that cant be just translated as a single word in english.

Word Alhamdullilah (الحمدلله) does not just mean “praise be to Allah” Its not a simple praise like you would praise anyone else.
By saying Alhamdullilah we mean “Praise and Thank be to Allah” so we are “praising” Allah and at the same time we are “Thanking” Him.
Like for example you would praise something saying “nice clothes!” But you wouldn’t say “thank you” for the clothes !
But when you praise Allah for something by saying Alhamdullilah you also at the same time Thanked Allah for that thing. Subhanallah !
Arabic is like no other language ! Its So beautiful and vast. This is one of the reasons why Allah selected it for Quran.
Just like this word there are tons of other miracles in the language of Quran.
you can check out many videos and lectures of Nouman Ali khan about this amazing language.

Jazakallah 🙂
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All praise to Allah SWT~

“Just because there is something wrong with your own head that does not mean you are allowed to label people as Liberal and Moderate Muslims.”

“What can be wrong with my head, you ninja weirdo!! ?”

“It’s called “inferiority complex syndrome”.
She frowned back at her friend and walked away. Her friend was not really impressed.

As I stood there and thought about it what just happened in front of my eyes.. Inferiority complex?? What did she mean by that?? The girl did look normal to me. My bad habit of googling everything made me Google the definition of the word. So there it was: ” an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in any one sphere sometimes marked by aggressive behaviour in compensation”

And I got her point. And then I started noticing it in every girl in the college.
an INFERIORITY COMPLEX: a lack of self worth, a doubt and uncertainty, a feeling of not measuring up to standards.

When I talked to people around, noticed their way of talking, topics of general conversations, their sense of dressing, their ideas of enjoyments, i noticed they all believed “that they were less worthy or important then the other people”. Every single person is working hard to imitate west. You must be thinking em way too judgemental, “extreme” or “harsh”.. But no! I’m not writing this to insult anyone. I’m just making an effort so that at least people around me stop being proud of their “enslavement“(( if they can’t live as free people)). If I’m a bad judge, let’s see! Imagine a very stylish, modern and civilised person. One day he decides to change. and he decided to go extremely against his nature, changes his best life style into worst lifestyle, changes his highest goals and sets the lowest goals, changes everything.. even his way of walking, talking, eating, sleeping and every other habit and he does this all just to impress the uncivilised people around him. What will your thoughts be about him?? A charlatan, a bluff? Or perhaps ‘an absolute idiot’? What would u like to call him? Will you call this act “revolution”,”modernisation” or “Enlightenment? Will you think him as “cool” for degrading himself? No you won’t!

The whole Ummah today is going through THIS. This is one major setback.
I would rather call it “Crises of Identity“…

we don’t know who we are anymore. And those who know a little act like they are ashamed of their identity.. Ashamed of “ISLAM” as their identity.. Ashamed of the fact that they are civilised. Today Muslims are so ashamed of their values that they have turned into desperate beggars, begging for “non civilisation” with beggar pots in their hands, taking one thing from the west and the other from Hindus ((I don’t feel like calling their non-values ‘values’ so I would call them ‘thing’)). And the worst part is beggars are so proud of their begging. The problem is we have started following that ‘jahil’ society which is so impressed by the lifestyle of animals. U don’t agree? Animals don’t wear clothes, so Gora made this a fashion. Bloody hell! How come animals don’t need to marry and we do? So let’s just finish this ‘humane’ thing. So the Gora decided to ‘live freely’ animals All their fashions fascinate me a lot. Looks like they are living to prove that nutter Darwin right. Lol. Monkey got big nails, so let’s make that fashion too.
Yakk. What pride is in following this inhuman society, I fail to understand. Islam is a DEEN. You don’t pick and mix things with Islam. Take the kalima, peace, tolerance from Islam and mix it with valentine days, birthdays, mehdi mayo, hijab-free, namaz-free life.

So,the civilised, modern, stylish person has decided to change himself into an absolute idiot to impress the desperate non civilised secular society around him and he is proud of this non sense. The Muslim of this “Badmaash” century is so desperate in taking after cultures, lifestyles, habits and ways of non Muslims like never before in history. An “unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy“.. What else can we call it if not ‘complex’ ??? He does not want to follow Islam. Islam has taken its new form from ‘Deen’ to ‘less than a religion’. And the one who practices Islam is mocked so much that he has become ashamed of following it. He is called ‘molvi’, ‘Mullah’, ‘Taliban’ etc etc.. People are extreme in there arrogance that they don’t realise they are mocking the appearance of Rasool Allah SAW or the Ayah of Holy Quran. This is ‘ “aggressive behaviour in compensation“: the outcome of Western enslavement, that they start bullying those (practicing one) they know are better than them. The one who obeys his Lord, there is indeed none more stylish than him.

So question arises.. What is the reason behind this state of Ummah? Why is everyone imitating non believers?
Muslim sociologist Ibn Khaldoon explains that those who’ve experienced a military defeat tend to suffer from a defeated mentality which then leads them to imitate their conquerer. (Al-Muqadimah, 147). He explained, “The defeated person is always infatuated, and imitates the conqueror in his motto, his clothes, his religion and all his conditions and habits as well. Naturally a person always thinks that power, superiority, and excellence are with the one who conquers, so he glorifies him by imitation.” Hundreds of years later, the Muslim Ummah has been defeated militarily by the West, and the effects of this can be seen in the social and cultural behaviors of Muslims as he described in his book.
So people, so proud of imitating west, are those who are conquered by west. Their minds, their hearts, their souls are all slaves of their GORA master. So what exactly are all these slaves so proud of?? Their slavery?? What makes them mock a fully practicing Muslim (a free-man) ? How dare a slave call a free civilised man ‘paindu’, ‘weirdo’ or ‘backward’? Yes a free man. Free because he did not get trapped into the enslavement of Western media, fashion or any other tactic. Ah!! Worst form of slavery is indeed that in which the slave does not know that he is a a slave.
What are you gonna wear?
What are you gonna eat?
Where are you gonna eat?
What & how are you gonna think?
What are your worries gonna be?

Who are you gonna call terrorist. Fundamentalist, radicals??
All decided.
Every single thing is all decided for you through media, through educations system, through fashion trends,… West had taken away all your worries. Congratulations!!!

Muslims try to hide their Islamic identity for fear of being labeled as “fundamentalist”. Men are shaving their beard and women are trying to make their hijab look like the latest fall. If presented with food or drink that is haram, they say we are full at the moment, or they say we do not like the particular food. Only few say that they cannot eat it because it is unlawful in Islam. This is not the way of the companions of the Prophet SAW, behaved. When the companions accepted Islam, they became proud of it and felt that all other ideologies and ways of life are inferior to what has been revealed to them from above seven heavens.

In the battle between the Muslims and the Persians, Rostom, the leader of the Persian army, asked to negotiate with the Muslims. Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas, the Muslim leader in that battle, sent a group of companions among which was Rabi`e ibn Amir.
The Persian leader prepared a magnificent reception in order to impress those “Bedouins” and weaken their position. The Persians asked Rabi`e to enter without his arms. He refused and entered with his arms and his horse and tied his horse next to Rostom.
Rstom asked: “What brings you?”
Rabi`e said: “Allah has sent us to convert mankind from the worship of people to the worship of Allah and from the NARROWNESS OF THIS LIFE TO ITS WIDENESS and from the oppression of the religions to the justice of Islam. Allah has sent us to His creatures with His religion. Whoever accepts it, we accept from him and whoever refuses, we fight him until we get the Promise of Allah?”
And what is His Promise?” asked Rostom.
Paradise for those who die and victory for those who survive” answered Rabi`e.
Rostom said: “Can you delay this matter until we think about it?”
Rabi`e answered: “Yes. How many days you need, one or two?” Rostom said: “More. Until I write to my people.”
Rabi`e said: “We can’t. Our Prophet does not authorise us to delay our enemies more than three days. So make up your mind.

This companion came from a society which was materially far behind the Persian empire. Nevertheless he had in himself the seed of Truth and righteousness that allowed him not to be distracted or impressed with the glamour surrounding the Disbelievers.
Civilization starts with the correct belief and faith. The material aspects of civilization will come later as a by-product. On the other hand, the disbeliever, no matter how materially advanced he might be, is an uncivilised person and bears in his soul the germs of his own destruction. This is why you should take pride in your religion. This is why you should take pride in Islam.
I do not hate Western people. Our relationship with the non believers should be only of Doctor-patient. We are the doctors and they are the patients. Their souls are sick and ill as is evident from all the bloodshed, oppressions, crime rates, and other Terrorist activities going on today. By Allah, the whole World today is thirsty for Islam and Quran. It is so mean on our part that we are hiding the most beautiful thing of this planet from them: Islam. We are not supplying them any medicine. We are not only increasing them in their disease but also taking their diseases from them. We, Muslims, are responsible for all the oppressions going on in this World, because we have abandoned “amar bil maroof”. Instead of curing them we have taken pride in following their footsteps.
Just by taking shahada and telling the World that we are Muslims is no good. We need to implement Islam completely in our individual as well as collective lives just like Suhaba so that the World knows the beauty of Islamic Principles and System. This is how we conquered World in the past..this is how we can conquer it now. As Omar Bin khattab RA rightly said “We were humiliated and Allah gave us honour through Islam and if we try to find honour in something other than Islam, we will be destroyed”

Get rid of your complexes and be proud of Islam..
Be the trend setter. We are divine people, we don’t follow humans, we follow divine trends.


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Some Sunnahs


One Ummah

Muslims should always gravitate toward the concept of brotherhood and the obligation of helping and sympathizing with our brothers and sisters in Islam regardless of where they are or what their condition is.

“And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah’s Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became brethren, and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His Ayat clear to you, that you may be guided.”
[Qur’an 3:103]1843

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