Self Assessment Program


Assalam o Alikum Wa RahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Banaat-e-Hawwa invites you to a self assessment program (SAP).


The main objective of this program is to make our lives, how ALLAH wants them to be.

We try , yes we do try to do, but then just after some time we regain our lifestyles again, we don’t have environment , we forget the lectures we heard, we loose our zeal., and shortly, we try to change but No change!

Now let’s start a change in an environment, lets do it in a network , let’s boost up each other’s  Emaan!

Let’s now ask each other “how is your Emaan”, instead of asking “how is your android?/how is your laptop”


The main features of this program are as follows. 

1. We will work on a specific task one whole week together . (i.e lowering of gaze, avoid backbiting, dutiful to parents etc)

2. By keeping the task in mind the whole week , and trying to act on that task will make that deed a habit of us. in sha ALLAH. Practicing it the whole week will leave its effects in our life. in sha ALLAH

3. We all will do a self assessment daily. Of course i am not with you all the time, you don’t watch me too. So the one we all have to fear is ALLAH, all what we’l do to change ourselves is just to please ALLAH and not the society.. Not to impress our parents/family. No one!

Our beginning is ALLAH, our end is ALLAH. 

4. The whole week , we will be posting the task relevant stuff here on blog to keep yours and ours zeal hot. (all task will be posted on blog, and the team SAP will receive an email regarding the task being posted)

5. At the end , we all will share our experience , how did we do that, how much successful we were in making our habit. What changes did we feel. 

Although we said , we are doing this to please ALLAH ,then why is sharing of experience necessary?

The reason for this is that , when we’l share our experiences with each other , it will give those people courage who would be unsuccessful in attaining their task. Who would think the task as very hard.  They too will find their way in sha ALLAH. 

We have thought to make and create an environment.

Why environment?  

On average, the body of an adult human being contains 60% water. Most of the water in the human body is contained inside our cells. So what is the property of water??

You keep it in the refrigerator  , it will freez. Put it on the stove, it will boil.

Environment! This is environment, this is how humans get affected by environment.

This is why we want to create an environment  , so that it may effect us . And this is why  we ask for your experience to be shared at the end of the week.  


Those of you  who want to join us in this program, kindly inbox us at our official email address    with an “in sha ALLAH” text 

 (write SAP in the subject box) .

We will add you to our weekly list. 

Responce Procedure:

in sha  ALLAH when at the end of the week, we’l share our experience, (including the admin):) we’l use the comment section on this blog which will be  given at the end of every task post.

May ALLAH accept it.

Beginning soon

Note: Those of you (bloggers/site visitors) who have any suggestions for this program , please do give your precious suggestions through email ASAP.

Wassalam: Banaat-e-Hawwa

 Let’s change the world with piety. 

  1. Mashallah vry nice thought … May Allah help us all Ameen

  2. Awesome idea , may Allah reward u alot dear , I had already joined this type of activity 2 yrs back it helped a lot Alhamdulillah, I m ready to join this , may Allah help us Ameen

  3. is there any other way to join other than email you….??

    • Assalam O Alikum wa rahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu.
      Yes aminah, we have a mobile service too for that. I am emailing you the no. Just do the same, send an sms “in sha ALLAH” to that number. (if you are from Pakistan)

      Admin manager.

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