images o Mother! you never had a holiday, since i saw you

From the days of cradle, i know you

Moving, working, struggling all day

Cooking , baking , moping all day

Washing , dusting, rubbing all day

O mum! i know you, i know you

And after whole day tiring work

Your night was never a time to rest

It was your time to hold me , to feed me

My cries were a disturbing alarm for you After single single minutes

.. .. You never slept well o mama! Because of me

I know you mum, i know you When you said you don’t have appetite

And you left the food for me to eat but

you lied mama! you had it

You never ate well o mum! because of me

i know you mum i know you

when you and Dad had picnics & parties

But you were unable to rejoice

As you had pains Because of  “me in you”

You never enjoyed well mum! because of me

and then in teenage i started teasing you

for my greedy useless wishes. . .but

you always hid my faults from dad

You never lived well atlast mum because of me

then, how dare was i to say

that you have no right no right

to interfare in my matters

Curse on me that i said, i said “no time”

i have studies, i have job ,

a house and a wife so, , ,  no time

Curse on me mama!

you have gone with the wish

a wish to see me expressing love

a love for You, some moments for you

Now, Sitting beside your ‘ last home’

mama! missing you!

look i have brought flowers for you

im telling you mama! I LOVE YOU.

come back, for an instance come back

i always “knew” you but today i have truly  “realised” you.

that, you never ate well, never slept well ,never enjoyed well


you had the most favors on me, but I’M LATEweio  



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