What Are You Doing to Yourself?

Youth Club Blog

By Umm Ibrahim

You love to whine about how this fickle person ignores you, that arrogant one oppresses you, and that obnoxious one mistreats you. But do you have a worse enemy than your own self? Aren’t you busy plotting against your own self day and night? Just see how you miss out on the joys and pleasures of this world and the next, through sinning! Yes, you actually miss out on this world too, when you sin! Allah says:

And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned.  And He pardons much.[Ash-Shura 42:30]

Sins have very harmful effects on our individual and collective lives, in this world as well as in the next.  Entire books have been written on this subject. The very brief list below has been derived from the works of Ibn al-Qayyim. Although sins of all…

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About Rizmi

A medical student and not a blogger or a writer ! Just dont know what I'm doing here :) :P I love photography and thats my hobby <3

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  1. You sound so right. I have just took a tour of your blog and I felt it amazing and refreshing for our emaan. You are right, when we do small sins and we know we are committing a sin while doing it, we miss out the fun of this world and the hereafter too. May Allah increase our emaan and let us live our lives according to what Allah says. JazakAllah ! 🙂

    • Which blog are you talking about? Piety bridges or youthclub? Anyway jazakallah 🙂 if you havent checked out youthclub blog do check it out too 🙂


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