The Art of Faith

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“Faith is the art of holding onto things inspite of your changing moods and circumstances.” ~ C. S. Lewis

 There are times we have an extremely high level of faith. So we are enthusiastically doing our night prayers, daily charity, dawah work – you name it. But then there come times when the level just simply drops down, sometimes it pretty much hits rock bottom.

We all experience these faith-level-swings all the time and tell you what, they are actually normal. Yes entirely NORMAL.

We are humans and naturally our enthusiasm is not the same through out the year. Sometimes we are down, sometimes we sin, sometimes we are occupied and busy or simply ill. In such situations, many of our virtuous deeds suffer a setback. And that should not worry us too much. What should worry us is our connection with Allah.

No matter how many good deeds we…

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A medical student and not a blogger or a writer ! Just dont know what I'm doing here :) :P I love photography and thats my hobby <3

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