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  1. Hamza Tzortzis, a researcher at iEAR UK visited us in 2012 in Winds of Change tour organised by Youth Club. In his lectures he repeatedly quoted this: “Being born is like being kidnapped and sold into slavery”. He added to this quote and said there are three kinds of slavery: 1) Slave to desires (Nafs), 2) Slave to Society, 3) Slave to Allaah! And the one who is a slave to Allaah is truly successful!

    1) Slave to desires: This person does everything which his heart desires, or does not do things which he is commanded to do by Allaah, knowingly and intentionally! He feels very little accountability.

    2) Slave to Society: This person follows trends, traditions, culture, norms. This person is a kind of stupid who thinks he is very intelligent. He truely is a slave whereas he thinks he is following the latest fashion and is very ‘up to date’ with new styles and traditions. Most secularists fall under this category. They think they are working for freedom but they dont know they’ll end up in slavery to society. Most people love European countries and their laws and regulations and they want the same things in their own countries but just think, isn’t it slavery? Why should they define laws and rules when we have our own laws given by The One Who Created us!
    This slavery is very dangerous and must be understood properly. Refusing to wear shalwar qameez and wearing western dress just to look cool is a very small example of this type of slavery. (There can be many reasons not to wear shalwar qameez, even i dont wear much, so dont start debate on that :p). I have awesome friends who wear shalwar qameez and look more handsome than a pant guy.

    3) Slavery to Allaah; Its beautiful! Its the actual ‘aizaaz’ given to human beings. We submit to our Lord and only to our Lord, we dont submit to our desires or norms. Our Lord can take much better care of us than this weak creation! Being a slave to the One Who created all slaves is an honour as compared to being a slave to the one who is already a slave!

    Think about it!

    • Bhot khoob hazrat!
      Ye to profound say bhi zaida profound hogya.

      May Allah give us the heart that can submit to His will totally.

      P.S Jazakumullahu khairan for Tuba Ubaidi, our dearest sister for these amazing words.


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