Reminder! Either speak good words or Be silent

Assalam o Alikum Wa RahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu


As we are working this week on the useful and good use of tongue. , Here it is very important to note that these days we have an environment , a sick environment where no one thinks what actually he is uttering from his/her mouth. We only think before leaping when someone high in rank is standing in front of us, otherwise, all kids all matures, everybody is standing in the line where the use of abusive language is just so normal and usual. Even small children when fight , use so harsh abusive language that  Astaghfirullah,. But wait wait wait….. From where actually they hear these abusive words???

From you and me. And it’s a truth a bitter truth.

The nation who gets addicted of using abusive language, losses its rank in the sight of ALLAH.

Please for ALLAH’s sake, if we want to give birth tomorrow to some pious blessed  souls , if you want to raise a really Muslim society , then please hold your tongue, please think when you call someone with a bad , slang abusive words, either he is a Muslim or Non-Muslim. Because we are not given permission even to use bad words for non-Muslims, then how it can be permissible for Muslims?

Think, just think if whatever we say from our mouth, it starts appearing on our hands , skin, on our whole body, so that everybody can see how bad we are , would we still be using our tongues so freely???

Would we still be calling someone , “you! son of dog” “he is just so……. ” she seems like an ugly ………”


There are some guards with us, writing each and every word we utter. I know this, you know this , but still we just don’t care.

There was a time when the men and women of this Ummah were so pious, so careful about their use of tongue, that their children so became more pious than them.

It is said about a female pious woman, that she sent her son to learn Quran when he was 4,5 years old. Qari said,

“Read son!  alif, baa, taa, saa ” . The young boy in response said, “alif laam meem, zalikal kitabu la raiba feeh …………………………………………………………………” And he recited 5 chapters.

ALLHU AKBAR!  Qari went to the mother and said, did you mock me? Your child knows 5 parahs by heart, and you have sent him to me for alif, baa, taa???

Mother replied Wallahi, i did  not know this. But yes, i am a Hafizah myself , it’s may be because when i was pregnant because of him, i used to recite Quran too much. When i used to feed him, i kept reading Quran.

ALLAHU AKBAR! This is the difference between us and them.

We girls and guys, studying in colleges , universities, of course we are going to be the mothers and fathers of our children in sha ALLAH. What effects are we producing on them now? and what effects we will produce???

Our whole spent life will effect them. Please! we have to think over it.

Don’t ever abuse anyone.

Be like those fragrant souls ! Who when spoke , spread flowers, or otherwise even their smiley silence was such that the angels wrote blessings for them. (they made dhikar when silent)  🙂


Task assigned by: Hejab Rasheed.


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  1. Shiza Nasir Bkhari

    MashaAllah very motivating story.

  2. A very concerning issue. We must stick to it in our whole life.MashAllah


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