Let’s share a brief moment of faith:

“Reflect upon what you did during the day and whether or not Allah (SWT) would be pleased with you.”

With every action, whether good or bad, I always ask my friends if they would be okay doing what they are doing in front of their parents. Most, if not all, say they would not continue what they are doing in front of their parents, for their parents will surely “beat them up.” And then I asked them, “If you are afraid of your parents witnessing what you are doing, and not pleasing them with your actions – why not be afraid of Allah, Who Is All-Knowing and All-Seeing? Surely the blaze of Hellfire will be more painful than a beating.” Just think about it, reflecting everyday on your actions and noting down how many things you did – whether or not Allah swt will be pleased with you. Are you constantly doing things to gain his reward and acceptance to Jannah? What are you doing for His sake each and every second of everyday? Anything that you do otherwise would be a waste of time – unless you are investing in to your future of course. Reflect on what you did today that may have granted you Allah’s pleasure!


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