Sunnah : Organize a gathering with your friends to remember Allah.

“… And if they find the people of Dhikr they encompass them until they reach up to the first heaven. And Allah asks his angels, ‘ what are my servants doing?’ The angels say, ‘O Allah, they are praising you and glorifying you and they are making Dhikr.’ Allah said, ‘did they see Me?’ The angels answered, ‘No they didn’t see You.’ Then Allah said, ‘How would it be if they were to see Me?’ The angels said, ‘O Allah, if they were to see You, they would be making more praise of You and more glorification of You and more Dhikr of You.’ And Allah asks ‘what are they asking for?’ The angels say, ‘they are asking for Your Paradise.’Allah asked ‘did they see My Paradise?’ The angels said, ‘No Our Lord.’ Allah said, ‘How would it be if they saw My Paradise?’ The angels said, ‘they would be more attracted and more eager to reach it.’ Then Allah asked them, ‘Of what are they afraid?’ And the angels said, ‘they are afraid of hellfire.’ Allah said, ‘How would it be if they saw my Hellfire?’ They said, ‘they would be seeking even even more to escape from it and asking even more protection from it.’ Allah said,’ I am making you all My witnesses: that I am forgiving them of all their sins.’ Then one angel asked, ‘O our Lord, there is among these people one who is not from them, he came only to ask for something from one of them.’ Allah said, ‘those are my beloved ones who are making My Dhikr. And anyone who comes in their circle will be forgiven and I am forgiving him.’” [Bukhari]

So let us benefit our friends and let them benefit us! Let us get together to read Qur’an, or tafseer, or study the biography of the Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم). Whatever helps us to remember Allah!gathering


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  1. ma sha ALLAH. A good initiative


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