Now You & Quran!! Closer than before

Assalam O Alikum Wa RahmatuLLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!


Sometimes we need to know what Quran says about a particular topic , to solve this problem, we just go and google!

Number of links appear, now being an ordinary knowledge person we cannot figure out which link is reliable.  Specially when its about Quran , some sites contain really annoying material, and some are an outcome of propaganda of non-muslims,.

In this situation we really were in need of some certified site, where we can search about Quran easily and with trust.

There are no doubt many trusted sites about Quran, but there is not a single search engine where you can search Quran as easily as you google out.

This problem is now solved by Zahid Husain , an intelligent  Pakistani. He has created a Quran search engine. , with unique properties having no parallel so far . The engine is reliable as the owner received certificates on its authority from certified scholars.

Description of his site, and zahid husain’s intro plus how the site works is given below.

The software is available for PCs, androids , iphon, ipads too. The amazing thing is that its all free.

Now read this important content:


About Mr. Zahid Husaain:

Mr. Zahid Hussain is an intellectual person working in Private Company as a Sr. IT Manager. He has completed the Search Engine of Holy Quran. In this search engine you can find any topic. Its in 4 languages (English, Arabic, Urdu & Roman Urdu). According to Google he is the only person in the world who has completed the translation of Holy Quran in Roman Urdu and made this Search Engine.

How to Search in Search Engine of Holy Quran

If one wants to search “sabar” related ayaat, he can type “sabar” in roman urdu or “صبر” in urdu or patience in english, system will give you the answer in just a moment about.

1. How many times it is in the Holy Quran.

2. And where

3. And will display all the ayaahs

Now you can search all the topics in this search engine.

How amazing!

There was a time when people used to make long journeys  for ilm because they had love for ilm..

Today we have technology, we have resources, but we don’t have that love in our hearts for Quran, and to know what ALLAH says in Quran.

Zahid husaain has done a great job,. We are proud of him,. My ALLAH accept his keen intentions, and protect him from riya. And may this engine be a best sadqa e jariyah for him and his parents.

*You can download the engine from the link below. Please do download, and share your views in the comment section.


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  1. iPad and iPhone is a paid app except this all apps are free.
    Zahid Hussain
    Search Quran Software Developer


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