When dealing with sins and losing hope.

Transcribed from Brother Nouman Ali Khan’s lecture on never giving up hope.

“People lose hope when they think they’ve messed up way too much. You know, they can’t turn back to Allah anymore. The idea is where are you going turn back to? Even we think we have disappointed Allah, where are you going to go? ‘I’ve got nowhere to go, there’s no place I can hide. There’s no place Allah doesn’t see me.’

You know, when you disappoint your mother, your boss, your teacher, you can avoid eye contact. You could just go into your room and close the door. Maybe you disappointed a friend, you said something mean to them and you’re embarrassed to talk to them again, you don’t call them. They don’t respond to your texts, it’s awkward. ‘Cause you don’t want to deal with that so you just avoid contact. The problem is that Allah is constantly in contact. Whether you realize it or not.

“…We are closer to them than (their) jugular veins.” (50:16)

‘This rope’ that connects life. Allah is closer than that. How are you going to distance yourself? Allah will not distance you. He’s already there. We’re the ones that pretend He’s not there. And you know how offensive it is when someone’s there and you pretend they’re not there? I’m sure you do that all the time with old friends. Two of you are talking, a third one walks in, you pretend he’s not there. You keep talking among yourselves and you pick another language to talk in so they really don’t know what you’re talking about, right? It’s offensive to Allah that you pretend He’s not there.

So the next point, when they did sin, they realize Allah is right there. They’re caught on camera. Immediately they said, sorry Allah, Astaghfirullah hal adhim. They don’t just say, Astaghfirullah. They’re not just saying something about Allah. They are talking to Allah.

They recognize the presence of The One they disappointed. They turned to Him immediately. There’s no lax in between. They don’t waste any time. They understood there’s no time. They can’t wait to turn back to Allah and mend this relationship. They have to do this immediately. There’s a shortage of time. There’s a sense of urgency.”


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  1. Sub Han Allah this is beautiful 🙂 Actualy made me think, Jazak Allah Khayrun 😀


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