We can never explore!

Assalam o Alikum Wa RahmatULLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Imagine the time when there were no means of communication or fast travelling. , thousands year back, when for people their village, town, or the only area they could go to was the only universe. They even did not know the vastness of the Earth, how can we imagine that they could think of other planets.  Even living in just a tiny little area as compared to the universe, they considered it their whole World.

I came to know yesterday that even in this age of science and technology we are like the villagers of thousands years back, as for them the only Earth they could see was  the only World, we do the same today. I know you are thinking that science and telescopes have shown us a whole lot of it . But No! Still No. This universe is so large , that it even cannot come into our imaginations., how can it come into the telescope net then?

NASA keeps on exploding new bombs of facts about the universe. And the recent research amazed me deeply.

Sun is so big as compared to our Earth?  Right?

This is not the only sun you also know this thing, Sun is a star and there are even bigger stars than our Sun .  People living in Pakistan can understand the efficiency of Sun these days 🙂 as its intense  heat reminds us of the heat of the hell.

Well i was telling you the never imagined vastness of the Earth. Scientists have recently  discovered a Galaxy, that produces 3000 Suns per year equal to the size of our Sun. 


But they are so far apart , so hot that man cannot reach them, he can only see them from Earth , just like the people of earlier times used to see stars on our little sky with amazement.

Never this universe we can explore, we can see this universe’s part  just at the distance of some thousands light years. (1 light-year = 9460730472580800 metres (exactly)

ALLHU AKBAR! I am just getting mad. Such a complicated universe.,.

Can we ever imagine the greatness of the Great Creator???

There is a couplet in Urdu which says:

       YOU come into my heart but not in my understanding

        So i have understood, this is what your identity is . . . . . .

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