We all want to make a LIVING, no one cares to make a LIFE


We live in a time and in a society there is just so much emphasize placed on material gain that people no more enjoy simple things in life. You overlook the simple things in life, you don’t look joy in them.

Life is made up of simple things. The best things in life are not THINGS. But today we are after things , and even as we are after them , we are not really getting any of it. We are told “The more the better”, and look unto,  we have more but actually we have less. We have got MORE food, LESS nutritions.  We have got MORE medication and LESS wellness .

Everyone is dreaming of building a HOUSE, but no one is building a HOME , we all want to make a LIVING, no one cares to make a LIFE . We have conveniences but we still don’t have any time. We have made time saving devices , Microwaves, coffee makers , digital coffee makers , toasters , so that we don’t have to stand and wait for breakfast in the morning . Question is that, “Where is the time that we saved”?

There is More into life than just increasing the speed of Life.

People rush for big things and they forget to appreciate little things.

Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you tasted your food??? Not when was the time you “ate” your food, “tasted” your food is the question.

What does ALLAH says in Quran? “Does man not take the time to look/consider/ponder upon what he is eating?”. We eat while we are driving. Lunch,  again we are driving . Dinner while we are watching T.V . Its just the mechanical eating. There is more into it than just swallowing it.

We have lost vision of  what is important in life. We are so occupied with big things to happen .

What happens??? “Insha-ALLAH, insha-ALLAH i will be happy when i get my promotion”

How many times are you going to be promoted???  Everyday?? Not possible! 

How often the promotions happen? Once a year??? So are you telling me that you are limiting  your happiness to once a year???. . . . . . . . . . . 


An extract from Yasir Fazaga’s speech 


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  1. Thanks for reminding that.


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