She wrote: Life is interesting when dreams come true

Assalam O Alikum WarahmatuLLAI Wa Barakatuhu!


Todays i just randomly opened my diary , and started reading that, as i did not write in that since long.

I was reading and suddenly i saw on a page written something under “BismiLLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM” , you know what was that about?

I wrote that before starting the blog, It was a plan saying that “i will make a blog named banatehawwa”. Reading that reminded me of that post of Fajr after which i wrote that plan and some more.

Have i made a blog named banatehawwa or not? you people know better:)

But let me tell you the whole story.

When i read that post ” Life is interesting when dreams come true”, i started thinking that is it really true that writing plans, and planning life makes goals easier to achieve? This thinking brought me to my diary , and even at that time i had not seen ‘her’ since long:). Breakup you know;)

I opened up, and started searching for those plans i wrote in that some time earlier. And i was amazed , just as Fajr was, to see that almost all my dreams were fulfilled , or were half filled. This was strange for me. And then i took the pen, and wrote a new plan, a plan of making a blog. 🙂

I forgot totally that i wrote something like this, Today after a long time when i started reading some old memories that plan passed by my sight, and it again opened the window of some beautiful memories. So i thought to share with you people about that post, and my personal experience too.

Below i am giving a passage of sister Fajr’s writing and just on the bottom is the link of the whole post.

Now my last words to you are : When you have keen intentions, there is no harm in planning your life., even if you die before achieving the goal, at least you will have good deeds written in you Aamaal! And thats a great deal. 🙂

So with ALLAH’s name start making good plans , to achieve good goals, to make a good life!.



A lot of the time, we fail to realise the Islamic aspect of planning. Some people might even feel uneasy about planning out the next whole 5 or 10 years because they believe it’s a form of ‘long hope’ (طول الأمل) and failing to remember death. But actually, it’s the exact opposite. The worst thing a Muslim can do is waste his/her time and fail to work towards death and the Hereafter. Perhaps the statement of ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas (radhiallahu `anhuma) is apt here when he said: “Work for your worldly life as if you shall live forever and work for your Hereafter as if you will die tomorrow.”

When a person puts together a plan, they are effectively putting their intentions down on paper. Think about it. If you sincerely want to achieve something and you write it among your goals, is it not an intention you just made? Bearing in mind the hadith of kitabat al-a’mal (writing down of deeds), what happens if your good intention fails to materialise as you wished? Yep, you got it: Allah `azza wa jall still rewards you for it. A 5 year plan is basically a collection of some of your intentions for the next 5 years. Even if you die before accomplishing them, Allah `azza wa jall will still reward you for each of those points because you made the intention and you had the firm resolve to do it. Reminds me of what one of the righteous before us said: “You attain by your intention what you cannot attain by your mere actions.”

I recently finished reading ‘The Alchemist’ and there was one quote from the book which stuck with me for a long time. It’s when the alchemist tells the boy, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I realised that this was actually a deeply-rooted Islamic concept. See, when a person makes a resolve to achieve something and is sincere in that, more often than not, Allah `azza wa jall helps them in their endeavour. He helps them realise their dream and it materialises as they start to put in the work.

So, dear reader, make a resolve to plan your life. Get a notepad and jot everything down.

It’s completely up to you how you decide to go about it; you can do a weekly plan, a monthly plan etc, but always make sure you have long term goals and aims. List the things you want to achieve in the next 5 years, the next 10 years and go for it.

You want to memorise Qur’an and learn Arabic/’ilm? Write it down.
You want to travel? Write it down.
You want to get married and raise children to the best of your ability? Write it down.
You want to get out of debt, sort out your finances, and gain stability? Write it down.
You want to turn a new leaf in your life, make a fresh start, and spring clean out all the rubbish?
Write, write, and write…

And when you write, be sincere. Begin in the Name of Allah, and finish it with a du’a and it doesn’t hurt offering 2 raka’ah of nafl prayer. Ask Allah to grant you tawfiq (guidance/success) and help you. You will soon see results.)))

Dreams 2

May ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala reward sister fajr for such great words and sharings.

Keep in duas. Now read the ful post here 🙂

Life is interesting when dreams come true



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  1. Happy to learn that you have a diary in this age of technology 🙂


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