Education – Islamic Schools

Assalam o Alikum WarahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Being a muslim when it comes on education of your child, what do you prefer? Do you prefer Islamic schools over the western oriented ones???

What should be our preference?

Admitting our child to a best institute so that he/she can get a best grooming is a duty on parents, because it is the schooling age in which a child learns hundreds and thousands of things from his surroundings. By surrounding him to such an environment where he sees everything opposite to what happens at home ,(if you have islamic environment at home) he never becomes this able to adopt what happens at home, because he has “family” at home, and “friends” in school. And children learn more from friends than from family.

Surround them with good friends, and to do so choose good education systems , by saying good i not at all mean Western schools,  because we have got west-love so penetrated in our hearts that we want everything “westy westy”.

Want you to introduce with an islamic school system.

It is “THE CRESCENT SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL” a leading islamic school network in Srilanka.

All kind of subjects are taught here, but WITH THE FLAG OF ISLAM UP!!!

Support islamic schools to make these  systems successful!

This post is dedicated to Islamic Schools., now have some photos of Cresent Schools International. (don’t forget to appreciate their work)

and here is the link to their web-page,

cima-spell-master crescent-international-school crescent-montessori coloring-day   crescent-english-day crescent-scout-meetcresent-sports-meethand-work-exhibition-2012-boys-primaryschool-mud-day

Now the question to you is:

What do you say about how a school system should be in an Islamic country? 


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  1. Jazakallahu Khayra for raising an important issue.


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