Personality Of A Modest Women!

Assalam o Alikum WarahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu


We all know the importance of hijab, and we keep hearing different news about hijab. but the post is not actually about hijab , but “hijabians”

Whenever we talk or hear about modesty and it comes on women, we think that a modest women= hijabian. And thats all, how we define modesty of a women. Right?

But no brothers and sisters!

Personality of a modest women is not complete with a hijab. Do you remember when you read Surah Ahzaab, what does ALLAH say in it while giving ahkaam to the wives of the Prophet, and indirectly to the women of whole Ummah ???

ALLAH says!

“O wives of the Prophet, you are not like anyone among women. If you fear Allah , then do not be soft in speech [to men], lest he in whose heart is disease should covet, but speak with appropriate speech”

Point to be noted, even after wearing hijab, and even that you are in hijab DO NOT BE SOFT IN SPEECH.

But our problem today is this, that we only concentrate on wearing dashing hijab, thinking that we are obeying ALLAH subhanahu wa taala. But we leave the factors that are stuck with the order of Hijab.

We see today that people make fun of hijabis and niqabis, that ohh look at them, they are weraing hijab with a camel hump, niqab of A,B,C,D is not proper and etc.

By doing this we ourself give chance to people to speak against hijab, and to make fun of it.

Wearing hijab means that now you have to be , and you should behave modest, remember that hijab of a Modest woman is not only a cloth over her, But her whole personality is a HIJAB.Her speech, her walking style ,her gaze, her sound and the whole “she” is  a Hijab!! 

The difference between just appearance and no personality is this


So what would we like to have? Appearance? Modest personality? Or Both???

A modest woman has both.

So, From now onwards we should take an account of ourself dear sisters, and should avoid:-

1. The best thing is to stay at home if we have nothing to do outside, (meaning that if we are not a student or working women etc). Going outside just to have fun , just for window shoppings, just to show the people how cute we  are, these all are the deeds a modest woman never does.

2. We should avoid  wearing  such hijabs that are more a claptrap than a hijab.

3. Be alarmed to  talk to any stranger , any non-mehrum with a soft sound, soft voice, because you may have no wrong intention, but what about the one standing before you??? He can take any meaning of you being soft with him, so we have to take a safe side.

4.While we are outside in public , we should make a habit to lower our gaze. (lowering gaze  is one thing which gives light to your heart, i bet.)

5.  Once again, and the thing i have recently learned, that your whole personality, your voice, your walking style should be so much majestic that never a non-mehrum can get a chance to have chit chat with you.

Do we do all these things? No we don’t, and thats the reason people have made a fun of hijab. If we start wearing hijabs and niqabs with its true essence never someone will get a single chance to make fun of the order our Lord has given to us.

Be majestic , Be modest and Be a Hijabi/Niqabi!

Women who are not only covered but even their heatrts are more clean than the clean water are the ones ALLAH subhanahu ta’ala loves , let we be the beloveds of our Lord.



P.S  you can comment your views or healthy criticism, or may be the points i have left to mention.


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  1. You can use facebook, or twitter acount as well to comment. buttons given here.

  2. jazakAllahu khairan for writing on this…
    I just want to mention somepoints that we normally forget about hijab. While a balanced society needs a balanced approach, normally when we talk about hijab we think its for women only. But its not true, hijab is equally important for men as well. Lowering gaze and being modest applies to men also and i have noticed that either this point is ignored or not emphasized at all.
    Secondly, these days i am observing that there is a growing trend of using burka/abaya/hijab as a faishion. Some ppl accessories so much that the whole purpose of avoiding attention is sidelined in fact it is more attention seeking…

    • Assalam o Alikum WarahmatuLLAH
      JazakALLAH for these points. yes i totally agree with what you said, we really forget that when ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala speaks about lowering of the gaze in Quran, he speaks firstly about men, and then for women.
      Also about the fact of hijab accessories i totally agree with.
      is the picture above okay regarding hijab requirements, or should i change that?

      • Also i remember that when in my early hijab days, when i was actually not aware of the true essence of hijab, i also had those accessories, like the broach and jewel pins. once a friend of mine saw me wearing that shining pin and she said, “istrhan to jis ne nahin daikhna wo bhi daikhega”.
        but now i try to wear as simple as i can.
        and seek forgiveness for those ignorant days.

        also as you have mentioned the lowering of gaze, the latest post here is about the similar topic, on the home page..

        • picture is okay as it is not showing anything that is attention grabing and secondly it is showing any of the body parts.
          when Istarted wearing burka and when to buy one i was unable to find a simple gown and still it is difficult for me to get it. It is a painful thing that we have completely ignored the sole purpose of it and there is a growing trend of fashion and commercialism is induced in everything.
          wa alaykum us salaam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu..


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