Assalam o Alikum WarahmatuLLAHI Wa Brakatuhu!

Imam Ibn Ul Jauzi Rh.A was a great scholar of his time, he had written around 150  books on different aspects of religious and worldly matters.

Normally Ibn Ul Jauzi is famous as a scholar only, but he also wrote some books which have got a lot of humor in them. One of those  humorous  black and white is “من اخبار الحمقی والمغفلین”

He writes in this book:

An innocent man was going somewhere with his donkey. A man saw him and said to his friend:  ” I will take away his donkey and i will not let him know of it “.  His friend inquired: “How is it possible when the rope of donkey is in his hands?”

Man replied: “keep waching” , and he stepped forward, took off the rope from the neck of the donkey,  wore it around his own neck  and said to his friend: “Take the donkey and go from here”.

After some time , the donkey’s owner looked back and found no donkey but a man, he got amazed and asked: “where is the donkey”?

Man:  “i am the donkey”

Owner: “Whatttttt??? How is it possible?

Man: “actually i always used to disobey my mother, one day she said some bad words to me, and since then i am a donkey, and have been serving you, , but now my mother has uttered some good words for me and i have again become a human. ”

Owner amazingly said, “ohh., i have been using you and you were a human?”

Man: “Yes, exactly”

Owner: “Okay then, go on your way” (and the man quickly went away)

The donkey’s owner went to his house , and kept thinking for some days, at last he thought to buy a new donkey , so he reached a market to buy one.

There he saw his first  donkey, he stepped towards him, and as he reached almost  near to the donkey , he said in his ear:



* Keeeep smiling.


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