Hijab On Trial!

By: Junaid Ahmed , AlHittin.com contributor


Reminiscent of a hardcore criminal on trial, a Muslim woman clad in hijab stands in the courts of “liberalism” and “tolerance”; she is the “perpetrator” and will be given no lawyer to plead her case, instead she has to do it all herself. She is to convince the “civilized” people with infallible proof that her hijab is not a result of evil and oppressive Muslim men but her own conscious and God-fearing self. Verily she fails to do because her case has already been decided, no matter the how strong her argument. The west in its blood-stained efforts to bring “civility” and “modernity” to the Muslim world has left no stone unturned to create such a ruckus that every Muslim woman wearing a hijab has to stand a trial in the beleaguered courts of the modern society. From newspaper headlines to movies, hijab clad Muslim women are presented as one of the lacunae of the Islamic civilization; the same civilization that, transcending the barriers of superstitions and profound fallacies formed treasures of knowledge which paved the way for west’s renaissance after hundreds of years of darkness. It signifies profound hypocrisy on part of west that it lectures Muslims on the codes of conduct while it itself sits atop the utterly shameless tree of Godlessness characterized by rampant injustice and oppression.

While the west created “rules” allow a woman to wander naked on beaches, a Muslim woman wearing hijab is castigated and asked whether she is tortured into donning a hijab or not. If a Muslim man assaulted her into wearing one? All journalistic skills are put to use to portray she is indeed an “oppressed black box”. The hate filled obsession of the west and its ardent followers in the east with hijab can be best understood by taking a cursory look at the position of the women in the apparently liberal societies. From a woman’s toe-nails to her hair, everything has been brought in the open market to sell-optimum utilization of resources a manager will tell you. Having completely stripped their society of all morality, the champions of liberalism have turned to Muslim women and Muslim societies.

“Remove those covers off the faces of your women and let us feast on their beauty and corrupt them. We have already exhausted and corrupted our women. We want fresh meat now. Remove those veils and let us satisfy our lust”, this is the actual meaning of feminism and women rights that the west is so arduously promoting among Muslims. And many a Muslims, dazzled by the glitz of this sugar-coated lust and corruption, cordially help in establishment of its franchises, effectively putting their mothers and daughters on sale. A truly discomforting and sick reality!

In an actual age of modernity, morality and ethics would form the cornerstone of any action and discourse. Nudity as an evil would be debated, ridiculed infact. Hijab as token of modesty would be promoted. However the current times are far from being modern; Hijab is castigated and put to countless biased debates and nudity is promoted. Modernity does not lie in nudity and its glorification. Departing from the apologetic tones that Muslims take with respect to hijab, there should actually be a debate, a serious one at that, on the vanity of western concept of woman. A woman in west is defined by sexuality, sexuality and sexuality! Just like an animal. The rampant exploitation of women in west has significantly increased homosexuality as the women view men as nothing more than beasts. An objective look into the sexual morality would help the children in west in having a more positive feel towards the society, when they who their father is. USA, the epitome of modernity has most of its population based on illegitimate children. It will go a long way in helping the masses in west to come to terms with the reality and evolve as better humans. Immodesty and promiscuity should be debated as a vice rather than a virtue. Muslims must realize that all that glitters is not gold and shun the apologetic attitude of slavery.

Rather than putting a hijab clad Muslim woman on trial in the courts of “modernity”, it should be the bikini clad woman that should be put there. Questions should be asked of them; who is forcing you to walk half-nude and feast the eyes of lustful men? Who is infact brainwashing you into believing that nudity and promiscuity is liberation? Indeed, who says that you are free?

Source: http://alhittin.com/2013/03/14/hijab-on-trial/


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  1. perfect! an ever best article i have ever read about hijab propaganda.
    may ALLAH give jza to the one who wrote it.
    (banatehawwa admin)


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