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Assalam O A likum WarahmatuLLHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Al-jahiz is from one of the greatest scholars and writers of his time, he was born in Basarah, in the days when Basarah was a specified  place for  arabic studies   . He loved reading,  and was a book lover. As his father died when al jahiz was still quite young, so he used to sell bread and fish to make some earning. , and with that  little earning he used to buy books and copies. Whenever he found some book, he would start it from the beginning and end it on the last page:) About literature and  languages he wrote more than 300 books.

Al-jahiz also liked to add  funny material in his writings time to time. Jahiz has added some funny happenings  regarding his own self in his book.


He himself writes:

“No one laughed at me more than the two ladies, one of them i saw in the market, she was so tall, i thought to have some fun with her . When she passed by me i said to her, “Will you please “come down” and join me in eating? (jahiz was eating something). The lady replied to me ,  “and will you please “come up”, so that you can see the world.?  (as jahiz was of very small height).:)

As far as the other lady is concerned , she came to me when i was standing at the door of my house, and said, “i need you, and i want you to please follow me”,, i started walking behind her , and we reached a goldsmith’s shop, she said to the shopkeeper, “Like him” and speedily went out . I asked the goldsmith about what she had said? He told me, “she had came to me with a pearl and ordered to carve  Satan’s picture  on that, i told her that madam i have never seen Satan (how can i make his picture?)  so she has brought you here:)  (as  jahiz was quite ugly.)”


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  1. Salamun Alaikum.

    The Prophet’s sense of humour comes in study package. Download this, study and smile Inshaa’Allah 🙂


  2. Walaikassalam!
    jazakALLAH brother. Its beautiful


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