O Humanity! Where are you?

Assalam o Alikum WarahmatuLLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!


Thought to write this post after listening a lecture yesterday.


Have you noticed we humans are continuously going towards that depth where there is lack of  “humanity oxygen” ?  Life has become so fast, so busy, that i have no time for you , and you have no time for me. We have forgotten to strengthen the biggest relationship on Earth , The Humanity.

Today someone living next to your door doesn’t come to know about your griefs, your tentions, Why ? Because we do not bother. We do see sadness on faces, but we don’t even try to ask ; “Do you have some problem? May i help you”.

We all have been hearing from our parents, grandparents that how in their times they had true essence of humanity. Pain of a person was a pain to all, (because they felt).

My grandfather had a habit that whenever something special  he used to bring for his family , also brought the same for the relatives living in the neighbors . Do we do the same today? Sorry to say but how greedy we have become that we even hide something we are eating if coincidently some guest comes. As we don’t want to serve him the same because that is for us. (how shameful act).

Remember! Human is a strength for another Human, and no other thing can fulfill this need but a Human only!

In a group of friends , a friend got addicted to drugs, all the others tried to insist him to leave that, but he did not. Then one day they said: “If you are not going to leave drugs, then we are going to leave you”.

Of course this warning did not work,  but then one of the friends stood up and said:  “Oe! whatever you are, you are our friend , and I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU ALONE” ,

and this was the hit, this was the support of Human for a human, the addict friend was over joyed with his supportive sentence that never after that time, he used drugs.

This is humanity , this is support, and as we are lacking this , i and you feel so lonely whenever we are in trouble today., whenever we are sad, it seems as we are all alone in this world.

i really like a quote which says:

“Man has learnt to fly in air like birds, to dive in water like fish But!     he has forgotten to live on Earth like Humans”

Lets truly start living on earth like Humans brothers and sisters!

What we have to do? How can we become a support for each other?

1. Firstly, right now make up your mind, that whenever someone will need your help, and you are able to help, you will help! WITHOUT THINKING FOR A REWARD, for the sake of ALLAH, You will always help His FAMILY.

2. Secondly, we are very used to of this thinking, “o o don’t help that man/women , you yourself will fall in trouble” , stop thinking this please. When you are doing help for ALLAH’s sake, why are you thinking      about the result? Have patience on whatever happens later. (this is a very major reason that we don’t help humans today.)

3. Whenever you see someone sad, never get late to ask him/her about the problem and in helping, never get late.

4. We have a habit as humans that we give priority to ourself , (e.g: eat first and give to someone else later etc). Try this sometime, to give priority to others. Feed them first, solve their problem first. (i know its difficult thats why i said “sometime” , also i wish i could tell you what kind of feeling you get when you do this.)

 “Distribute” happiness and i dare there will be no one more happier than you. Because he who is merciful to the creation, surely gets mercy from the Creator.

Lastly we banatehawwa beg you! lets light up the candle of humanity once again.

May ALLAH give us tofeeq to make amal on what we have written. And make us true Human beings! Those who feel those who care.

Here are the 4 candles from us!

candle7 Now waiting for the candels from you (in the form of comments ),  So that we can come to know we have You with Us in our cause. So that we may realize there can be more light.

Wassalam! Your sisters


(If you do something positive as a result of reading this post,, please do inform!).


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  1. So true, I and my friends were actually discussing about this a few months ago. How amazing that many of us think in the same line.

    • jazakALLAH for your comment brother.
      well, on ths issue almost we all think,
      Today majority of the dabates are directly on indirectly about this issue. but, no one tries to solve this lack of humanity issue.
      Our intention was “work”, and “be the fiirst”.
      May our 4 candles do work. and we expect this blog to be a reminder for you whenever humanity will call you.


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