O Lady! Why Do You Take Hijab???

Assalam o Alikum WarahmatULLAHI Wa Barakatuhu!

Well, i read this in a text message ,so thought to share with you as well.

People often comment , Why do muslim women take hijab and niqab? This is operession. why do they do so?


Tell us if you are interested  to meet queen Elizbeth, what will you do? You will take a ticket, straight away go to the palace, and will meet her? Right?


You will not be given permission to meet her, as because she is a queen , she will even not come out to show you her self  because of security issues, also  because  she does not meet any a,b,c stranger this way !

Simply this is what we say! After filling the  hearts with the light of  “LA ILAHA ILLAL LAH MUHAMMADUR RASOOL ULLAH”

our women have become Queens , and queens obey rules and regulations. so they will not meet or show off themselves to the strangers anymore. They are just allowed for some people (mehrums) and not for all!

This is simply the reason why do Muslim women take hijab.

Our women are Queens! Respectable Queens ! and that’s why kept in security  (pardah).




That’s all!

(you can leave comments, if you want to add something regarding hijab)


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