i was like Waaaahhh when i read it!

Islamic-islam-32912540-640-480Assalam o alikum warahmatULLAHI wa barakatuhu!

today after a long time i came across this poetry, before this, separatly at different times i heard or read it, and just its few parts but today in my friend’s book who is studing urdu literature i read this, and i was really amazed to read it. you can never translate its depth , but to let you understand i have found its translation in english from a website.

if you have ever heard about Pakistan’s national poet Allama Iqbal, then this name is not unknown for you. you can understand yourself the beauty of his thought provoking poetry as you read it.  i dont want to give any discription, just this that it has become one of my favourities.

read and enjoy! =)

مجنوں نے شھر چھوڑا ھے صحرا بھئ چھوڑ دے

 نظارے کی ھوس ھو تو لیلا بھی چھوڑ دے

Majnu has renounced the world, let him renounce the wilds too
If he seeks the vision sublime (God), let him forsake Laila too

واعظ کمال ترک سے ملتی ھے یاں مراد 

دنیا جو چھوڑ دی ھے تو عقبٰی بھی چھوڑ دے

Complete self surrender, priest, is the price of the goal
Abandon too the world to come (Uqba), not this world alone

تقلید کی روش سے تو بہتر ھے خودکشی

رستھ بھی ڈھونڈ خضر کا سودا بھی چھوڑ دے

Suicide is better than servile imitation,
Go, find your own path, look not for a Khizr
[Khizr is a person referred to in the Quran, who was highly
knowledgeable (even more knowledgeable than the prophets who lived
during his times), and who also lived an extraordinarily long life.]

شبنم کی طرح پھولوں پہ رو اور چمن سے چل

اس باغ میں قیام کا سودا بھی چھوڑ دے

Weep like dew over the flowers then quit the grove
Give up the idle dream of a permanent stay

سودا گری نہیں یہ عبادت خدا کی ھے

اے بے خبر جزا کی تمنا بھی چھوڑ دے

It’s not dealing, but it is worship divine
Eschew, ye ignorant, even the hope of reward

اچھا ھے دل کے پاس رھے پاسبان عقل

لیکن کبھی کبھی اسے تنھا بھی چھوڑ دے

Good, if reasoning of the mind controls the heart
But let it (heart) have it’s own way, once in a while

جینا وہ کیا ھے جو ھو نفس غیر پر مدار

شھرت کی زندگی کا بھروسہ بھی چھوڑ دے

‘Tis no life that sustains/depends itself on others
Give up dependence on life of earthly fame

wasslam o alikum!


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  1. Awesome literely just awesome…Jazakillah 4 sharing!!!


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