This Art is waiting for your attention!

calligraphy.jpgAssalam o alikum warahmatuLLAHI wa barakatuhu!

Today we will discuss about one of our lost wealth!!, our art heritage to which we never gave importance.,,

yes calligraphy!, the art of expressions, the art of keen sighted and clean hearted people.

it was once an ilm of extreme importance, when it was in the hands of people who knew its worth, who knew that ‘qalm’ is also a kind of Sword, that can win the battles without any bloodshed, that can convey the message without any sound!, that is the thing about which the Lord of the Heavens and the earth sweard .

the qalam & the use of qalam they knew and we do not.


today we consider drawing pictures of human beings essential to convey our message, and we think it is impossible to spread our message without pictorial representation, and it will not work if we do so..


salutation to those who never broke the rules of shariah and put so much of sincerity, so much devotion, so much of love in this art that it became more than enough for them!

there was no one parallel to them in this art, , , people even after using pictorial techniques never became able to lead them.islamic-calligraphy

so where are we the people of thousands and thirteen today?

what are we doing with our heritage, not only a cultural , but also islamic heritage. we never think what is the quality of pen we are writing with, we never think, are we good, beautiful writers? not even think to become one.

then who will lead this art ??? as usual we will pass our wealth to the west?


then give hands in hands , lets promise we will not let it go.

even today this art is alive in some parts of the world , but on last breath it is if we will not give it treatment, even today there are teachers who teach this munawwar ilm, but who cares??? who has time to make it a passion, to put in that much effort as those previous people put in?

so here we go on , we are going to hold calligraphy, we are going to nurse it, we are going to give it the similar peek it was on…:)


the base of calligraphy is not necessarily to be a good hand writer. Calligraphy literally means “the art of beautiful hand writing”,  if you are, well and good, if you are not , then this art promises you to make YoU a beautiful hand writer if you show sincerity to it. ,it will show sincerity towards you.. and will introduce you to such blessings you have never come across.

bless are those who know the ‘use’ of QALAM,,, are you the one???

lets be!

wassalam o alikum:)arabic_calligraphy_march_2011576676_385800931458139_553425371_n


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