When Shall We Turn Towards “Him” If Not Now???

when I was born, i was  senseless , i did not know anything ,

i was dependent on others

to hold me,

to feed me,

to take care of me., and totally i was in their hands.

time passed on , and i became 5 years old, a little bit dependent in doing my own jobs, i could eat with hands, walked by myself without any support, jumped here and there with joy. , and you know what?? even went to school with my bag on my “own” shoulders.

the wheel of time rolled very quickly , and i do not know how i jumped to 20th year of my life. how so quickly time passed away, ah!

and yes here we go, the years in which i did the most  enjoyments, just every young needs in this age is how to have fun?? An age in which they think to have a full control on themselves,  they think life is for enjoyment, and so i did. . .

but one day there came a  “speed breaker” in my way of enjoyment, which threw my car of ignorance far away on the road. and made me injured too much


that injury was actually a start of my “recovery” .

it made me think why i am in this world???   for enjoyments??

how long these enjoyments will last??? for ever ???

where do people go , when they die??? and where will i go???

That was the first time i started thinking seriously about Life.

even that i had been spending life by doing whatever i liked, still there was no “calmness” inside,, no feeling of being relaxed, i was hollow inside. y was that so?

and yes! i remembered then, what grand mother used to say, what once i heard in a lecture.

they said: we are created by a CREATOR and, we shall return to Him, so here in this world we are to make Him happy, by spending life according to those rules and regulations that He has made for us. And when we shall return He will ask us what we had done in the world. and He will reward us for that then.

and i always used to threw away grand mother’s advices from the other ear after listening them from one..

but that day i was unable to do that, i wanted satisfaction inside… so i thought to make repentance , to return back to HIM, who took care of me, when i was helpless , held me when i stumbled ,, kept on forgiving me when i made sins,, even that He had a complete control on me.

the One who was waiting for my Repentance , for my Return since years.

with tears in eyes i stood up, made ablution , and went to offer prayer, when i raised my hands after performing salat, stream of tears started to flow from my eyes, and i felt as if all the worries were vanishing away,  i started feeling relaxed, a feeling of hollowness disappeared.

and praise to Him , i got Recovered from my disease of ignorance. i found the “way”, the path to walk on., when i opened up His book, The Holy Book , QURAN.

are you going through the same condition???

are you not having peace inside?

then surely you are away from Him,,, but you can clear the distance with repentance.

not now??? then . . . . . peolpe say a saying:     “nmzl.tyrriizn.320x480-75ow or never”



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Posted on January 1, 2013, in Miscellaneous and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Asslam o alikum warahmaTULLAHI wabarakatuhu!
    This is a general piece of writing.

  2. Ma-sha-Allah, nice piece of work.
    انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
    Surely! We belong to Allah and to Him shall we return

  3. 🙂 this time اھلا و سھلا from my side .


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